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Montréal (Québec - CANADA) - november 26th, 1997 - 11h45am (local time)

Since 5 days the "internet-o-thon" was on, organised by René Goyette from "CD-ROM dépôt" in Montréal.

The WINNER : Daniel Messier 103h06
A world record has been beat. it will be registered in the «Guinness Book of World records»

Photos, time and list of all the participants, click HERE.
Prizes and photos, click HERE.

A World record has already been beat :

In october 1996, Josée Amirault surfed on Internet during 60 hours and 35 minutes. If you substract the 8 hours 20 minutes of break allowed, Josée has surfed for a period of 52 hours and 15 minutes establishing the first world record.

The "internet-o-thon" is proof of endurance for surfing on the internet, under supervision, as long as possible...

Record beat !

At that time, the record is officially beat by 120 hours this means 103 hours and 6 minutes by substracting breaks. This new world record which will be included in the next "Guinness Book of World records".

The record of the first 100 hours has been reach...
by Felix jr. Beatty at 1h53am on november 26th, 1997 !

Congratulations to the new winner, Daniel Messier from Montreal with 103 hours and 6 minutes !

The 5 last surfers are :

    Congratulations to the WINNER :
    Daniel Messier from Montréal - 103h06
    Retirement at 11h45am
    Felix jr. Beatty from St-Samuel-de-Horton - 102h56
    Retirement at 5h45am

  • Olivier Brisebois from Montréal - 80h05 - Retirement at 2h57am
  • Guillaume Girard from Montréal - 72h08 - Retirement at 5h51pm
  • Robin Millette from Montréal - 68h57 - Retirement at 5h35pm

    Photos, time and list of all the participants, click HERE.

    Prizes to be won are a Pentium 166 MMX computer from Dumoulin Informatique value of 2250$CAD, a 1000$CAD worth of software and much more...

    Thanks to the sponsors :

    Text written by Yves MARTIN from Tiger8
    English help by Richard Durivage from Net Radio