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This page is the logbook of the expedition. Everyday, you will have the history of the team, where they are, weather, etc.

 The expedition started on March, 31st.

  1. Sunday April 2, 2000 - Preparation
  2. Monday April 3 ,2000 - The great White
  3. Tuesday April 4, 2000 - Exhaustion
  4. Wednesday April 5, 2000 - A frog with A big heart
  5. Thursday April 6, 2000 - No news
  6. Friday April 7, 2000 - Forced to a halt
  7. Saturday April 8, 2000 - Bears?s tracks !
  8. Sunday April 9, 2000 - Moving Forward
  9. Monday April 10, 2000 - Ideal Conditions
  10. Tuesday April 11, 2000 - Weather alert
  11. Wednesday April 12, 2000 - Blizzard
  12. Thursday April 13, 2000 - A vue of Polaris
  13. Friday April 14, 2000 - Storm
  14. Saturday April 15, 2000 - The feast
  15. Sunday April 16, 2000 - On the road again
  16. Monday April 17, 2000 - Unwanted
  17. Tuesday April 18, 2000 - Ice Structures
  18. Wednesday April 19, 2000 - More Trespassers
  19. Thursday April 20, 2000 - A good day
  20. Friday April 21, 2000 - ?e des Voeux
  21. Saturday April 22, 2000 - Battlefield
  22. Sunday April 23, 2000 - Major Repairs
  23. Monday April 24, 2000 (coming soon)
  24. Tuesday April 25, 2000 (coming soon)
  25. Wednesday April 26, 2000 (coming soon)
  26. Thursday April 27, 2000 (coming soon)
  27. ... ALL IS ALL RIGHT ! (coming soon)
  28. Sunday April 31, 2000 (coming soon)

Day 1 : Sunday April 2, 2000

First and foremost Carlo Ianni is no longer a member of the team crossing the Magnetic North Pole, due to very personal matters and uncontrollable circumstances. Carlo will attempt his dream next year.

Both Pierre and Bruno stop at nothing, their moral is excellent and have every intention of going all the way.

Today is the last day of preparation. Our adventurers went through their inventory once again dividing the weight equally for their sleds.  They will be pulling a total of 280 pounds each!

It is also a possibility that a dog will accompany them in their journey. If that is the case the dog will also do his part in pulling his own sled and food.

Weather today was a mild ?14 celcius. Winds coming from the North they expect colder weather by tomorrow. They will be heading out around noon hour monday and expect to travel a distance of approximately 10km for their first day.

To be continued...

Day 2 : Monday April 3 ,2000

Position : 74.44.192 North / 95.9.232 West
Temperature day : -18 celcius
Temperature night : -30 celcius with wind factor

The Great White

Bruno and Pierre have left Resolute Bay at 15:00 hours today. They are accompanied by mans best friend (a dog), who in turn will alert our adventurers of any roaming bears  particularly while the men are in a deep sleep.

Our men have achieved a short distance today representing a 4.4km this due in turn both by the late hour they left and the dog with whom they had trouble with. The dog finally understood that he has to pull his own sled and food.

Proudly standing on its? hind legs and in one bounce the bear runs towards Pierre and Bruno. The distance between them is yet still far away .Both men stop and Pierre has time to pull out his gun and fire two shots in the air. The bear frightened off then turned about ways.

It is 9:20 our time and 8:20 North Pole time. Both men prepared the tents for the night and Bruno was getting their supper ready as well as filling in the navigation log book while Pierre worked on erecting a wall to protect them from the winds ready for their morning personal use.

In a deep breath Pierre describes the beauty of the North. ?It?s simply breathtaking, the mountains, the air, the beauty of it tonight, is that we are surrounded by three spectacular rainbows?.

To be continued...

Day 3 : Tuesday April 4, 2000

Temperature : sunny, -27 celcius
Position : still to be read


280 pounds to pull was exhausting today. A small accumulation of snow simply makes travelling more difficult. Fatigue caught up with both our adventurers as the day went on. Pierre and Bruno mentionned that the dog did more than his share helping in turn, Pierre then Bruno in pulling the cargo. Our adventurers will lurn to adjust as the days go on.

7:30 PM, they decided to set up camp earlier today for the night after succeeding ?wonderful 9Km. The conversation was extremely short tonight as men were both very cold and tired and to change quickly in warm clothing was a priority. They were very anxious to prepare and eat supper and have a warm drink.

To be continued...

Day 4 : Wednesday April 5, 2000

Position : 74.47.384 North / 95.43.596 West
Temperature day : -17 celcius
Temperature night : -30  celcius


Finally I get the call at 9:20 tonight ! They had already set up camp and a warm supper was being prepared. The day was somewhat cloudy and beautiful at the same time, it was bitter cold weather.

Pierre expresses himself again claiming that the dog is of enormous help to them. He exclaims,? He is the most wonderful dog?! (Between you and me let us not be surprised if Pierre comes back with the dog or that Bruno would also want to adopt him). They both own dogs and love them. Truly, they are mans best friend.

The conditions being the same as yesterday our adventurers skied for a total of 9.11Km. The snow makes it more difficult to move forward. On the phone Bruno tells me, ? It feels like I am a frog pulling an Ox?. Pierre agrees with Bruno. I replied to them, ? then you must be a frog with a big heart?.

Keep in mind that because of the snow conditions the sleds feel like they are actually twice their initial weight.

In order to support our great adventurers in their conquest, I permitted myself to verbally forward your messages of encouragement sent out to them, as well as your very personal messages. It was great to hear them laugh. Tomorrow Pierre confirms to me that he will try to reach the Radio Station C.K.M.F. 94.3Fm, (C?est endore dr?e). Tune in to find out more!

To be continued...

Day 5 : Thursday April 6, 2000

Temperature day : -30 celcius
Temperature night : -42  celcius

No News

No news is good news.
Awaiting for the next communications.
Stay tuned !

To be continued...

Day 6 : Friday April 7,2000

Temperature day : -30 celcius
Temperature night : -40  celcius

Forced to a halt

It is friday night, 7:30 when the call comes in! Our brave men skied a distance of 11Km during the day of thursday.

Once again the conversation was extremely short and will obtain their position within the next communications.

The winds of Friday were fierce forcing our adventurers to a halt and then again permitting them to save their energies. Yet there is a price to pay. Time being so precious they have to make up for the lost day. Our adventurers had already folded up their luggage at the time of the call ready to engage for their first night of adventurer heading out in the direction of Polaris Mines after which they will then leave the ice fields heading towards the open seas.

Stay tuned and find out how the turn of events!

To be continued...

Day 7 : Satuday April 8, 2000

Position :  74.50.704 North / 96.23.751 West

Temperature day : -30 celcius
Temperature night : -40  celcius

Bears?s tracks ! (soon translated... ) [in french here]


Day 8 : Sunday April 9,2000

Temperature day : -30 celcius
Temperature night : -40  celcius

Moving Forward

Pierre and Bruno travel until the sun sets. At the 12:45AM they proceed their installation to camp for the rest of the night. The grounds are somewhat more solid where they are. They had to once again overcome the ice fields (small waves of ice and snow shapped the winds).

In early morning they proceeded in a repair. A wire from the battery had been broken and this is crucial as this wire actually feeds the solar system, which they need for their communications. Everything turns out well! Pierre and Bruno will transfer and assemble all electronic equipment into one sled being extra careful not to damage anything else.

Pierre had injured his knee two days ago and Bruno experimanted his first aid experience. Although Pierre suffers from a swollen knee our both keep moving forward adding to their travel another 7KM.

They expect to reach Polaris Mines by Wednesday.

To be continued...

Day 9 : Monday April 10 avril,2000

Position :  75.1.010  Nord / 96.39.313 West

Temperature day : -15 celcius
Temperature night :  -     celcius

Ideal Conditions

The weather is at its very best, conditions are ideal. A perfect, sunny day,  -15? celcius with extremely mild winds to almost no winds at all. Our brave adventurers added a beautiful 14.86KM to their log book. They are optimistic and their humor is excellent.

Pierre and Bruno have now passed Cap Eiry by 2.4Km and are heading in the direction of Little Cornwallis that is 42Km away from them.

Our brave men and their dog are very happy and are encouraged to pursue their travel.

Keep in touch by also listening to C.K.M.F.94.3FM!

To be continued...

Day 10 : Tuesday April 11,2000

Weather Alert

News came in Tuesday morning by radio waves of C.K.M.F. 94.3FM. aired during the show of C?est Encore Dr?e with Michel Barette and Guildor Roy  and their team.

You may listen on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6:00 am and 9:00 am.

The information given by Pierre was: ?Our Expedition is doing well, we are in good physical condition and moving forward as expected?.

At the time of the call our adventurers were not yet aware of the weather alert. Pierre and Bruno will probably have to come to a halt for an undetermined period of time.

We are expecting some news from our men by Wednesday night.

Weather forecast given by St?hane Lebeau:

A major depression has formed over the seas of Beaufort and Tchouktes. (Probably one of the biggest depression I?ve ever seen over the Artic). Pierre and Bruno are travelling with the winds to their backs(from average to high winds) coming from the south with very strong gusts of winds. Sunny day. I am unable to predict the movement or  shiftment of this major cyclone for the moment.  The South position is found at approximately 750-1000 kilometers North-West of the expedition and at more or less 200Km from the (MNP) magnetic north pole, at least for the moment.

Their is another depression which has moved toward the North-West. Very little impact at this time, but it is possible that it develops.

Temperature under the -30? celcius. (Brrrrrrr!)

I will follow the movement of the cylcone over night. The map of 12-04 (oh GMT) should be available for consultation within the next hours.



Day 11 : Wednesday April 12 avril,2000

Position : 75.5.130   North / 96.37.014 West
Temperature day : - 30 celcius
Temperature night : - 40  celcius


Departed time, 14:30Pm then stopped at 19:15Pm. Pierre and Bruno achieved 7.76Km before being immobilized.

As we had expected, due to very bad weather our Adventurers were forced to come to a stop. The storm had for effect: gusting winds accompanied by heavy blizzard causing bad visibility. Our men remained occupied: Repaired some equipment, also worked on transferring images from the portable and also Pierre treated a blister under a foot after which they took the rest of the time to rest.

We should soon receive pictures via satellite!

Conversation with St?hane Lebeau:

Hello Suzanne,

I have just exchanged with Pierre for about 10 minutes and with Bruno 5 minutes.

Everything is going as expected. They remained in position due to the blizzard. They suffered the consequences the night before because of the storm that had developed over the Tchoucktes Sea. The cold weather is extremely cruel and their tent is a more than welcome refuge at the end of the day. Their morale is number one and both guys were in an excellent mood. They are now at 35Km south of Polaris in Mc Dougall strait.

They should now be able to see from a distance the Canadian flag painted red on a building or at least see some lights at night.

Both men sleep like babies at night. I believe that they are beginning to acclimatize themselves and are more at ease with the environment. There is a saying,? It is better to adapt yourself with the environment rather then adapting to oneself?.

No frostbite or major problems. Pierres? knee is okay now. As far as equipment and supplies is concerned everything is under control, except for the pole from the tent that is still causing some problems.

The snow accumulation from two to three weeks ago is sometimes a problem. They have to remove their skis in order to overcome the ice fields. The dog is doing an excellent job and very useful although his master alternates everyday.  They are still moving towards Polaris which will then complete the first section of their adventure which will take another 3 too 4 days, if everything goes well. After they have reached Polaris then they will undergo their second phase of the trip.

I am happy that everything is going well.


To be continued...

Day 12 : Thursday April 13 ,2000

Position : 75.12.854 North / 96.49.064 West
Temperature day : - 20 celcius
Temperature night : - 30  celcius

A vue of Polaris

Our men are able to identify buildings from a distance , 19Km yet to go before arriving at Polaris Mines.

Pierre and Bruno traveled in their under clothing, also removing their gloves with  temperatures of -20? celcius achieving a  distance of 15.4Km . Of course when came sun- set they quickly clothed themselves as the weather changed radically to -30? celcius. Sometimes they say they have to remove their skis in order to cross some of the ice fields, yet all is well.

During their short stop at Polaris Mines, they will take this opportunity to remove all unwanted cargo/supplies they don?t like: Powdered Milk, some foods which freeze and are not edible at the same time this will help lighten their sleds.

To be continued...

Day 13 : Friday April 14,2000

Position : 75.12.854 North / 96.49.064 West
Temperature day : - 30  celcius
Temperature night : - 40  celcius


Our adventurers woke up early this morning in a storm that brewed overnight in the North Pole. The gusting winds and heavy blizzard caused zero visibility. Forced to remain in the same position our men are set back once again. Pierre says they hope that by Saturday morning the storm will have stopped, as they are very anxious to arrive at Polaris.

To be continued...

Day 14 : Saturday April 15,2000

Position : 75.23.260 North / 96.58.708 West
Temperature day : - 20 celcius
Temperature night : - 30  celcius

The Feast

Our Adventurers are overwhelmed today (with inner joy and personal satisfaction, that is)!  From the clearly distinct excitement in Pierre's voice I can guess that they have arrived at the Polaris Mine - there have finally found a hint of civilization after 19.7 Km.  That first bit of land was rather difficult to cross and I can assure you that Pierre and Bruno have more than "vocalized" their impressions while doing so -- you can draw your own conclusions as to what might have been said?  At last, the first phase of the journey is completed.

A good Samaritan has generously invited our men to a welcome meal composed of chicken wings, tomatoes, bread and canned salmon.  To our Adventurers and to Kiri (the dog) this was simply a Feast!  To top off their pleasure, they will be enjoying a warm construction site trailer tonight.

Today was definitely a high point of the journey for Pierre and Bruno and their determination to pursue is at a peak.  They expect Sunday to be just as exciting as they will be undertaking the second phase of their expedition.

To be continued?

Day 15 : Sunday April 16,2000

Position : 75.31.934 North / 97.02.513 West
Temp?ature day : - 13 celcius
Temp?ature night : - 17 celcius

On the Road Again

The Feast and a warm night behind them, our Adventurers wisely focus on reality and resume they journey to "Conquer the White Territory".  As for the construction site trailer floor - it did not meet Pierre's definition of a comfortable night and the little sleep which resulted turned out to be quite agitated.  (Perhaps he missed the deep cold of the night in the tent !).

Before their departure, they cautiously removed any food which turned out to be excessive in an effort to lighten their polkas (sleighs).  Still the weight seemed hard to pull and 16.3Km later, our brave Adventurers called it a day.   In Pierre's opinion, that stretch was quite "Rock-N-Roll".

As a point of interest for our readers, sunlight extends approximately 18 hours per day while nightfall or darkness is almost inexistent at this time of year.  This will surely turned out to be an advantage for our men.

To learn more, tune in to C.K.M.F. 94.3 FM on Tuesday morning between 6:00 AM and 9:00 with Michel Barrette and Guildor Roy.

To be continued?

Day 16 : Monday April 17, 2000

Position : 75.39.802 North / 96.59.299 West
Temperature day : - 18 celcius
Temperature night : - 28 celcius

Ice Structures

Naturally, ice structures were expected and the journey solicits much effort from our Adventures as they strive to hold their direction while they find their way around fields and fields of these ice build-ups.  Pierre and Bruno manage to express just how difficult this road is in a language of their own.  Perhaps one should consider the positive side of the ready-made ice walls - they don't need to bother to erect a wall or screen to relieve themselves !  Today's stretch will take them 14.7Km further !  Exhausted, Pierre and Bruno decide to call it a day and soon prepare to stew up a nice warm meal before they snuggle up for an early night's sleep.

To learn more about the meal planning for the expedition, please visit the FAQ tab at the main page.  Its content was provided compliments of Christine Ch?ard, Nutrition and Marketing Manager for Cintech Co. to facilitate your research.

Reminder:  Tune in on C.K.M.F. 94.3 FM next Tuesday and Thursday between 6:00 and 9:00 AM.  for Michel Barette's & Guildor Roy's next next live interview with Pierre.

Also, remember that your support is still very much appreciated.  Please visit tab T-Shirt to order your own now.

Thank you to all our visitors.

To be continued?

Day 17 : Tuesday April 18, 2000

Position : 75.48.382 North / 97.03.490 West
Temperature day : - 16 celcius
Temperature night : - 20 celcius


If you were tuned in with C.K.M.F. last Tuesday morning, you no doubt understood that our Adventurers had unwanted trespassers.  Three polar bears, a mother and her one or two year old cubs attempted to reach their tent.  Responsible for arms & defense gear, Pierre immediately reached for the flair gun to scare away these rather impressive trespassers.  A first flair was sufficient to scare away the bears which started for the camp once again so Pierre fired another flair - again no reaction.  Pierre wisely reached for 12 caliber rifle and fired one shot toward the sky.  This time the bears paused at less than 700 feet from the camp and soon after disappeared.  Pierre managed to film these scene and hopes to have captured on tape each specific reaction of these jewels of nature.

Tuesday, Pierre and Bruno covered 16.1 Km on what can be described as a bumpy and unpredictable course.  Soon they encountered holes in ground made by seals.  Pierre and Bruno will have to take every precaution now not to slip into one of these holes.

Special comments by Stephane Lebeau:

Almost every day this over this last week except Friday, I spoke to Pierre and Bruno but didn't have the chance to turn in my report in writing until now:

At this point, the expedition is proceeding A1.  Their motivation and state of mind are that their best.  This clearly indicates that they have well adapted to the environment.  I have monitored the winds from the meteorological reports and although I have noted that they are slightly less violent (with the exception of Friday's blizzard), the cold is still sharp and vivid (on average under -30C).  The weather conditions are as harsh as at the beginning of their trip save for the weight of the sleighs which clearly lessens from day to day.  The larger leg muscles are now pumping blood more and more efficiently.  Their hands are now permanently cold (this is a sign that their body is maintaining the heat within for the noble organs:  heart, lungs, ?)  Their "traveling device" is now totally functional.  Each day they "feed" on those precious kilometers which are key  to their mental health!!!  They are set out for glory !

Polaris now behind, they have undertaken the second part of their voyage:  the mean glaciers.  Since Polaris, they have been traveling through a region called "Goodsir Inlet".  This is the Western part of the "Polar Bear Pass", known as a polar bear crossing to the Bathurst Iland.  On the Eastern side of this enclosure, one can find "BraceBridge Inlet", an area where polar bears feed given the high sea bottom which prevents ice formation on the surface.  Pierre & Bruno mentioned that they have observed fresh bear tracks and "droppings" on several occasions.  Nanook (inuktitut word which means "polar bear") surround them but it is quite unlikely that our Adventurers will see them? Bears have very sharp odor senses which they use to "camouflage" to observe our friends.

Le Detroit crossing between the Islands of Bathurst and Devon (de Grinnell Peninsula) is the most difficult portion of the voyage (physically) but also one of the most beautiful.  Thawing of the glaciers is partial in summer up to the permanent polar pack (+ - 80N).  This creates a sort of ice soup which reforms (solidifies) in the fall, capturing first year ice planks and older ice formations (homogenously empiled pieces.  This phenomena is accentuated by the northern winds which pushes and emprisons this polar ice soup between the two islands where Bruno and Pierre are at this time.  This magnificent ice structures are particularly difficult to cross due their density and height (several meters) but they are absolutely beautiful as they attract a diversity of arctic life.  Animals come to this area to feed from the ocean through the holes shaped by the polar bears, the seals, walrus and others?  They have already encountered an "agloo" inuktitut word which means "holes" shaped and maintained by the seal for the purpose to rise to the surface to breath.

Darkness is almost inexistent in the arctic at this time (north of the polar circle) although the sun still rises and sets every day.  This phenomena is caused by the fact that the sun does not reach more than 15 under the horizon line and that its rays reflect towards the firmament.  Sunrise and sunset stretches over several hours.  In a few days, our friend "the sun" will stay up for the entire summer!  The arctic ocean (which has now been explored almost entirely) is and no doubt will be for a long time still the most exquisite playground on the planet for it holds rich scientific mysteries.  I truly hope that our children will find these treasures in the same condition as we find them today.  Remember that until 90 years ago, no man had even attempted to reach the tip of our planet?  

To be continued...

Day 18 : Wednesday April 19, 2000

Position : 75.54.450 North / 96.55.398 West
Temperature day : - 21 celcius
Temperature night : - 30 celcius

More Trespassers

A navigation error occurs and rather than moving in a straight line our Adventurers find themselves traveling in a shape/form of a (U) pushing them out of their trajectory. The banks/ ice fields does not facilitate their journey as they have to remove their skis frequently in order to overcome the badly damaged fields. They have yet accumulated another 11.9Km considering the events. During their battle of climbing and crossing these ice fields they unfortunately lost a ski. Once camp was set up, Pierre took his gun and traveled one hour on foot trying to trace the lost ski, coming back empty handed. (it is fortunate that they traveled with two sets of skis each).

It is 12:55am early morning when both men are suddenly awakened by the the desperate barking of their dog. Pulled out of their sleeping bags Pierre and Bruno find themselves confronted again with two other bears at a short distance of less than 250 feet. Pierre immediately pulls out his flare gun and realizes that a mother and her cub are decided to move towards them. Pierre fires in the sky and the flare lands about 10 feet from the cub pushing the bears back slightly. Hesitant yet decided the cub and his mother move again towards the tent where Pierre fires another flare which almost lands on the cub. Frightened, the Mother bear moves towards her cub and decide to turn about ways. Pierre and Bruno hit the sac immediately after and within a minute Bruno starts to snore. Within approximately ? hour later the dog barks once again and so much so that it discourages the same visitors in approaching the camp.

Our brave men will soon depart Polar Bear Pass leaving the bears behind them and it will be a very small probability for them to meet anymore. (but, you never know)

Another 80KM to go on this battered piece of land where ice fields makes life miserable and yet very challenging. They are anxious to encounter very soon the wide-open spaces making the journey a smoother and easier one, while they will attempt to improve the distances traveled per day.

To be continued...

Day 19 : Thursday April 20, 2000

Position : 76.03.849 North / 97.01.674 West
Temperature day : - 15 celcius
Temperature night : - 25 celcius

A good day

Nothing irregular to signal today and our Adventurers are moving well along. Although Pierre and Bruno are suffering from minor pains, aching feet and lower back pain they were able to achieve a good 17.6Km.

Are men make an excellent duo as they manage their tasks fairly and equally and their communications skills are at a peek. Oh yes, I would not want to forget Kiri who still does his share as well as being an excellent companion to have tag along.

The Adventurers still have to use their muscles more than ever as the grounds they are travelling on still have not changed and yet remain very challenging. They say they should arrive at Burrough Island in about three to four from today after which they will be able to see the open seas. This is an area where the sea remains very alive and never closes up. From then on Pierre and Bruno cannot afford anymore navigation errors.

Stay tuned and find out more.

To be continued... 

Day 20 : Friday April 21, 2000

Position : 76.11.5113 North / 97.05.010 West
Temperature day : - 18 celcius
Temperature night : - 25 celcius

?e des Voeux
(to translate this for you : the Island of Wishes)

Our men  have progressed another 14.4Km today even if the grounds were at their worst. Obstacles and more obstacles to overcome forcing the to search deep inside themselves seeking their capabilities and their endurance. Pierre says that they have to knit their way around the ice fields to get across. He also days,? It?s so bad that imagine skiing across a potato field or even a pumpkin field?. Our adventurer were extremely happy to reach l??e des Voeux. (?e meaning Island, and Voeux meaning Wishes).

Bruno tells me that he had the greatest opportunity today to realize a dream come true that he will add to his portfolio. They came across the most amazing glaciers today where they took the time to climb at least one and take pictures for their own souvenirs. (I am hoping that we will soon receive some of these via satellite). Getting back to the Island of wishes our men took the time in formating their very own wish which has not been revealed to me. (remember, a wish is a wish).

For the very first night Pierre says he slept a night like never before since the beginning of this expedition at yet he woke up at 3 :00 in the morning thinking that it was time to get up. At 3 :26 am precisely as per Pierres? watch the dog started to growl for at least a period of ? hour which caused Pierre to get ready for any eventual circumstances. Then the calm was back and Pierre went back to the land of dreams.

Upon their travelling in early morning hours the men found Bear Tracks and it was amazing to find something ever so huge. They say it was surely a Male Bear in its? full maturity. (A good thing this one didn?t approach the camp).

To complete, today was a very cloudy and it is important for the sun to come back quickly. Let?s not forget that the sun is essential for charging the battery through the solar system which permits them to use the electronic equipment such as the satellite phone.

Finally : Pierre and Bruno have asked me to send this message out to all of you :

?We would like to extend our many thanks for your support particularly towards our sponsors and our partners as well as to our readers who have also sent messages of encouragement, and we send out our best wishes for the Easter holiday, and take care and be good?.

To be continued...

Day 21 : Saturday April 22, 2000

Position : 76.18.338 North / 97.01.578 West

Temperature day : - 18 celcius day
Temperature night : - 25 celcius


It was an exhausting day of traveling a 12.8Km over what our Adventurers called a true Battlefield.  With all the wonders of the nature and the splendid sites Pierre and Bruno express; ?This section is a complete disaster, you would believe that an atomic bomb hit the area?! Within the last to days the men slipped on a synthetic skin under their skis to assure an extra security allowing them to have a better grip to the ice at the same time avoiding to fall into holes or crevasses.

Still optimist, around 3:30 in the afternoon Pierre and Bruno finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are able to observe that towards the East the traveling grounds are much better. Encouraged, they head in that direction for the few hours left of the day and at 19.00 hours they decided to set up camp.

To be continued...

Day 22 : Sunday April 23, 2000

Position : 76.23.862 North / 97.00.095 West
Temperature day : - 17 celcius
Temperature night : - 28 celcius

Major Repairs

Because the battlefield seemed to be a war zone not only did our Adventurers suffer the consequences so did the material. After difficult manouvrers of climbing, falling, by-passing obstacles, and hauling the cargo, the pulkas(sleighs) were badly damaged. With all these difficulties, three of the four sleighs were ripped open! After ?10.3Km our brave men realizing the situation were not given any choice but to set up camp and remedy the situation proceeding in the major repairs. They used duck-tape which happens to be a short term and temporary solution. Bruno confirms the following. ? We fully realize that the repair is purely temporary and we must consider an alternative that will allow us to pursue our expedition?. He continues by saying.?We will use our abilities to invent another way of travel for pulling our cargo and worst to worst scenario we will us our tent?. For the moment Pierre and Bruno also have with them a rucksac, then again it is clearly not possible to carry a load of 200 pounds on ones? back.

Even if this a new pitfall Pierre and Bruno will pursue their travel towards the M.N.P.  Within their deepest thoughts they have shared with me they say that at times they would want to give up and come home, but the inner love and passion they share and ambition of theirs is what strives and motivates these brave men to always want to go a little more forward everyday.  Deep in their minds their greatest desire is to succeed their mission.  Their interior voice also acts as a guide and gives them the courage and the perseverance as well as the desire to conquer.

This past Sunday night Pierre has attempted to send out pictures via satellite through the portable offered by Panasonic and it is unfortunate to report that the battery was too low to support this action. They will fully charge the battery and will attempt this experience again tonight. We must report that we received ? a picture, so it works!

To be continued...

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