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Welcome in the world of the Adventurers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We hope that upon the navigation of our Web site, you will discover a taste for adventure as well as the potential to travel with us, ?In the conquest of the cold white Territory?.
A very warm welcome to all of you and now, prepare yourselves for the greatest adventure of year 2000 !

Approximately 150 people across the planet will attempt this kind of expedition. Three Canadians, are now physically and mentally prepared for a long travel to reach the Magnetic North Pole in complete autonomy.  They will be cross-country skiing the towards Magnetic North Pole with possible temperatures reaching the - 80?C.

Their worst enemies and biggest threats are the Freezing temperatures, high winds, hypothermia, polar bears as well as openings or the breakage of the ices, as they will be travelling on the ocean. Due to the sponsors, this adventure has now become reality  and the Grande departure date is fixed for March 30, 2000.

Furthermore, by producing tee-shirts we are happy to pour the excesses of our sales, towards the Quebec Foundation of Cancer, (Fondation Qu?ecoise du Cancer), In doing so we feel that we can offer our part of comfort in helping to conquer Cancer. It has now become a very personal matter as to many innoncent victims are taken from all of us, everyday.

We hope that you will also travel and participate by visiting our web site regularly, as we also intend to conquer the Magnetic North Pole !

Thank-you and Enjoy your navigation.

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