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Psion Organiser II Books

This is a list of books that were written about the Psion Organiser II.
If you know of any further books that should be listed here, including any not in the English language, then contact me ().
If you are the author of any book for which I have included a scanned version here and object to its presence, let me know.

Publisher:Kuma Publishing
Download:PDF (18.2 MB)
Title:The Psion Organiser Deciphered
Author:Gill Gerhardi, Vic Gerhardi, Andy Berry
Description:This book is designed as a beginner's guide for all Psion Organiser owners, giving an in-depth introduction to the LZ, LZ64, CM and XP models, and explaining the differences between them. Written in a sensitive, highly readable form, the text is liberally illustrated with handy hints, tips and practical advice together with a wealth of examples.
Publisher:Kuma Publishing
Download:PDF (29.2 MB)
Title:Using and Programming the Psion Organiser II - a complete guide.
Author:Mike Shaw
Description:This book contains a detailed explanation of how to user the Organiser II. Many examples of its procedures and programs are included in a style that is both easy to follow and entertaining. By taking the time to understand this very powerful device, its full potential can be realised. The detailed description of the Organiser II, its built in applications and programming capability will make light and enjoyable the task of exploring this fascinating computer, particularly for those users who have not used such a device before.
Publisher:Kuma Publishing
Download:PDF (16.7 MB)
Title:File-Handling and other programs for the Psion Organiser II
Author:Mike Shaw
Description:This answers one of the questions most often asked by users of the Psion Organiser II...
"How do I write a program to handle my own file requirements?"
It explains the process in detail, provides a number of 'functions' to assist users when writing their own programs, and includes two extensive and comprehensive file handling programs which demonstrate the whole process and which can be adapted to suit a diverse variety of individual needs. In addition, a number of other useful programs have been included, giving the user facilities ranging from converting currency on overseas trips to finding out the date of Easter, from now until eternity.
Every routine in the book is fully explained, so that as well as having a useful utility, the user will be able to further understand the workings of Organiser's programme language OPL in many respects, this book complements Mike Shaw's earlier book 'Using and Programming the Psion Organiser II' - but is not dependent on that book.
Publisher:Dabs Press
Download:PDF (27.6 MB)
Title:A Dabhand guide: Psion LZ - A Users' Guide to OPL
Author:Ian Sinclair
Description:The LZ models of the well-established Psion Organiser extend the uses of this excellent machine in several directions. The most important change is to a four-line screen, which allows better user of menus, and the introduction of several new features, including International time and telephone code data, a stop-watch action, and the use of a Notepad which can be password protected.
The expansion of the screen size, along with improvements to the OPL programming language, however, now make this a machine which is not only extremely rewarding to program for yourself, but one which has endless uses through the built-in programs, leading to a better understanding of the computer.
Whether your LZ is your first Psion machine or a replacement for an earlier model, you will find here the way to better understanding and complete command of this outstanding miniature computer.
Ian Sinclair is Britain's leading computer author. With over 120 books to his credit he has established himself as perhaps the most authoritative and most readable computer writer of his time, a fact which has led to international acclaim.
Publisher:Kuma Publishing
Download:PDF (32.6 MB)
Title:Machine Code Programming on the Psion Organiser
Author:Bill Aitken
Description:Machine Code programming gets down to the most fundamental elements of a computer, it is a very precise and unforgiving art. This book seeks to give the background needed to understand what machine code is, and uses the Psion Organiser II to demonstrate how programming can be practically achieved.
The micro-processor used in this hand-held computer has a "regular", well behaved instruction set and so is particularly suitable for this learning exercise.
Psion users are lucky that a slightly more advanced language system "OPL" exists which shortcuts many of the more tedious aspects of low level programming. The contents of this book apply to the models CM, XP, and LZ.
Publisher:Kuma Publishing
Download:PDF (25.5 MB)
Title:Psion Organiser Comms Handbook
Author:Gill Gerhardi, Vic Gerhardi, Andy Berry
Description: Computer communications can be a daunting subject, especially for the uninitiated.
Written in a clear, sensitive and highly readable form, this book provides the reader with all the information needed to link the Psion Organiser to another computer. It begins with an in-depth introduction to the world of computer communication, going on to explain testing and fault finding techniques. The text is supported by detailed explanation, along with numerous illustration and diagrams.
All this information is made easily accessible by the extensive index and contents pages.
Download:PDF (37.5 MB)
Title:Werken met de Organiser II
Author:Roy Dictus
Description:De Organiser II is een revolutie in de computerwereld: de eerste volwaardige handcomputer! Elk van de drie modellen - CM, XP, en LZ - is uitgerust met ingebouwde gegevensverwerking, wetenschappelijke rekenmachine, 8 wekkers, agenda met alarm (tot en met 31 december 1999 voor CM en XP, 31 december 2155 voor LZ) en de krachtige programmeertaal OPL.
Het model LZ is standaard meertalig en kent elke belangrijke stad in de wereld, weet hoe laat het daar is en hoe die stad telefonisch kan bereikt worden. Daarenboven maakt de LZ het mogelijk beschermde bestanden te creëren e.d.m.
Met de vele verkrijgbare softwarepakketten en randapparaten mag de Organiser II gerust tot de 'grote jongens' gerekend worden. How dit alles het beste kan worden gebruikt leest u in 'Werken met de Organiser II': de eerste nederlandstalige handleiding van dit draagbare wonder. Deze tweede herziene druk is volledig up-to-date, met volledige documentatie van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen. Geschreven voor iedereen die in de Organiser II is geïnteresseerd en er méér over wil weten!