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ANGLER is a suite of programs designed for the Psion Organiser II. By holding information on when, where, how and what fish are caught, questions such as which bait or fly to use or just what weather conditions produce the best results on which waters can be answered. The program can be used by fly, bait, freshwater or sea anglers.


Put the ANGLER data pack into one of the slots at the back of the Organiser. Switch on, press the down arrow followed by MODE. When asked to INSERT ITEM, enter the word "FISH" and press EXE. FISH will now appear in the main menu and is ready for use.


Menus are used throughout the program. They allow you to choose from a number of options. At each menu it is possible to return to the previous menu by pressing CLEAR.


The machine date must be set correctly. A number of Angler commands use the current date for searching records. See Psion Manual (Time Function).



The number of recorded catches is limited only the amount of storage space available. When the program is first used, you will be asked CREATE-FILE on A-RAM, B-PACK, C-PACK. Choose the location you wish. The file FISH will then be created and ready for use.


This is used to enter details of new catches. Press EXE to continue or CLEAR to leave. Apart from the Date and Weight, all entries will be prompted with the detail from the last record entered.

Date: The current date is displayed. This may be altered by moving the cursor to the appropriate place and entering new details. If the date is changed you will then be prompted to change the date in figures dd,mm,yyyy.

Enter Waters: The name of the waters where the fish was caught. Enter Fish: SALMON, SEA-TROUT, BROWN-TROUT, OTHER If OTHER is chosen, you may enter the name of any fish.

The same principle is used throughout the remaining entries. Weights are entered in decimal figures.


This allows searching of records. FIND will find any records containing the text or number you enter. The record can then be scrolled up and down using the arrow keys.


Records already entered may be edited. Take care if altering the date that the numeric date is also altered. When you reach the bottom of the record you are given the option to SAVE or IGNORE the alterations or to DELETE the record.


will show how many catches are recorded.


This is where the main strength of the program lies. This section allows you to search the file for any combinations of entries. Press EXE when FISHING RESULTS is shown. You are then asked from dd,mm,yyyy to dd,mm,yyyy. Enter the date as prompted or press EXE to start at the beginning of the file and EXE to finish the search at the end of the many seasons or just one month or a few days. The next questions asks for the WATERS, FISH ETC. Pressing EXE at any of these questions will include all entries under the current heading. For example, pressing EXE at WATERS and choosing Salmon, Rain, and EXE everywhere else will find Salmon caught during RAIN in all Waters, all times of day, and all other conditions.

The results can be scrolled up and down using the arrow keys.

The combinations of possible answers is up to the user.


Choose UTILS either by pressing U or moving the cursor to the third line of the main menu. The Utils program provides some additional facilities for the Organiser.



This converts lbs.oz to kilograms or kilograms to lbs.oz.


This allows you to see how many characters will fit in a location. Change the location with the MODE key. Press EXE to display the remaining space. Press CLEAR to return to the menu.


This displays the names of data files in a location. Change the location with the MODE key. Press EXE to display the files. Press CLEAR to return to the menu.


The keyboard sound or alarm bell can be switched on or off with this program. If the sound is on it will be switched off. If the sound is off it will be switched on. Press any key to return to the menu.


This is a very dangerous command so use it with great care. There are a number of warnings to take note of. If you do not do exactly as the program requires the file will not be deleted.

Enter the File name: The file name must be preceded by the location and a colon i.e. A:.

Is the file to be deleted? If it is to be deleted press EXE. Any other key will return you to the menu.

N.B. There must be sufficient space on A: to allow the programs to load. If an out-of space message occurs, then some data should be removed from A:. More detail on this is available in the Psion Organiser II manual.

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