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The Psion Organiser II
Datapak Instruction Leaflet

The German version is also available om this site.


This Datapak is for use with the Psion Organiser Pocket Computer, providing permanent storage capacity for information and programs.

Simply plug the Datapak into one of the solid-state drives of your Organiser and it is ready for use. Further information regarding Datapaks is given in the main Organiser handbook.

To avoid possible damage, you Organiser, Program Packs and Datapaks should not be exposed to extremes of temperature or humidity. Do not subject them to hard knocks or excessive force, nor immerse in liquids or use volatile fluids when cleaning the case.



6100 0003


Although datapaks permanently and securely store information, they can be erase and reformatted over 100 times using either a PSION FORMATTER or a PSION ERASER 16.

Psion also offers a postal formatting service at £3.50 (inc. P&P) for each datapak irrespective of its capacity. Simply fill in the form opposite and send it with your datapak(s) in suitably protective packaging to Psion at the address overleaf. The formatted datapak will be dispatched to you by recorded delivery within 48 hours of receipt. Alternatively, you Organiser dealer may provide this service. Please enquire.

Before formatting you datapaks, remember to copy all information you wish to keep to another datapak, using the COPY command.

The white label on your datapak covers a circular window which is used to erase the contents during formattnig. To format your datapak, remove this label and place the datapak in a Psion Formatter or Eraser 16 for the specified time. After formatting, attach a new label to the datapak so as to cover the window completely once again.

Spare labels are supplied with your datapaks. Should you require more, a pack of 30 labels costs £2.40 and may be ordered directly from Psion.

Please format the enclosed datapak(s). I
understand and agree that all information
held in the datapak(s) will be permanently
and irrevocably lost.
I enclose: QUANTITY:_____________
     8K Datapaks
     16K Datapaks      32K Datapaks
     64K Datapaks      128K Datapaks
Payment of £_____________ (£3.50 incl. P&P for each datapak)
Tick one:
     I enclose my cheque/postal order made payable to PSION LTD.
_____ Please debit my credit card:
Card No.                                                 
Signature:________________________ Date:___________
We can accept no responsibility for goods damaged in transit to Psion.


Your Psion Organiser Datapak carries a one year warranty against mechanical or electrical failure other than that caused by misuse or by damage arising from negligence. There are no user-serviceable parts within your Datapak, and any attempt to dismantle or repair you Datapak other than by an Appointed Psion Service Agent will invalidate this warranty.

Should you experience any problems consult your manual with particular reference to the troubleshooting section. If you find n o solution to your problem send your Datapak in suitably protective packaging to:

Service Department,
Psion Ltd.,
Psion House,
Harcourt Street,
London W1H 1DT.

We can accept no responsibility for goods damaged in transit to us. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.