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Games Pack

Copyright S.I.S.Ltd 1989

All Rights reserved. GAMES PACK and all supporting documentation are copyrighted works of S.I.S. Ltd, Dublin. Copying of the manual and programs, in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever is prohibited without the express written permission of S.I.S. Ltd.

V 1 (Nov 89)
Part No. 6100-0096


INSTALLING THE GAMES PACK GAMES: PSIMON A test of memory SOLGOR A number puzzle RUNNER SUB Action games SLOTS A fruit machine POKER PONTOON Card Games TENPIN Ten pin bowling


Written by A. G. Moore (1989)


GAMES PACK contains 8 different games. To start, insert the pack into either slot B or C on the Psion Organiser. Press the ON/CLEAR key twice, and the option GAMES will appear towards the end of your main menu. Now just press EXE and you are ready to play.

Note that the pack will automatically adjust its screen display so that it can be used on either the 2-line or 4-line Organiser.

To return to the main menu at any point, just press ON/CLEAR when the GAMES menu is displayed.



A, B, C and D

This games tests your memory by showing you sequences of letters which you have to repeat exactly. One new letter is added to the sequence each round. Before you start, you are asked to select the skill level you want: enter a number from 1 (slowest) to 5 (fastest). Now the game begins...

The Organiser will flash up 1 letter between A and D on the screen - you press the key corresponding to that letter. Next, the Organiser will flash up 2 letters and again you repeat these, then 3 and so on.

To help you, the letters are displayed on the screen according to their position on the keyboard.

If you get the sequence wrong, the game ends and your score will be displayed. Press ANY KEY and you can now decide whether you want to play again. Just press Y for "YES", or N for "NO" if you want to return to the GAMES menu instead.



1-9to flip numbers around
ON/CLEARto quit program

This game is a unique number puzzle. You have to make a set of numbers match a certain sequence.

First of all you are asked to choose your skill level - from 1 (a five-number sequence) to 5 (a ten-number sequence). Then you choose whether you want to play "Normal" mode or "Puzzle" mode. In "Normal", the sequence of numbers you have to get is always 012345... (i.e. the same as the template). In "Puzzle", you do not know the sequence you have to get. When you have answered these questions the game begins.

The template is displayed at the top of the screen. Below it is the set of numbers which you have to alter to match the answer sequence. For example:

(template) 012345 (puzzle) 213540

When you press a key corresponding to a number on the template, all the digits from position 0 to that position on the puzzle line will be flipped over. So, if you press 3, the numbers from positions 0 to 3 will flip so that the screen now shows:

(template) 012345 (puzzle) 531240

(2135 has reversed to become 5312). On the right of the screen (next to "TN" or "T") your turns are counted. Above that (next to "RT" or "R") you are shown how many numbers are currently in the correct position to match the answer sequence. Remember that in the puzzle version you do not know what the answer sequence is, so you will need this number to help you.

TIP: Start by getting the number at the right-hand end of the puzzle line correct, then the one to the left of that and so on.

The game will end when you have solved the puzzle. Press EXE to be told that you have been successful. Now press ANY KEY to be offered the option of playing again. If you don't want to, then by pressing N you will return to the GAMES menu instead.



ANY KEYto jump

In this game you are running along and you have to avoid obstacles that are coming towards you by jumping over them. There are three different kinds of obstacles: robots, slicers and barrels. The robots and slicers will kill you instantly if you don't jump in time, but you can bounce off the barrels by pressing a key just before you land on one.

To help you, there are balloons flying overhead - if you catch one by jumping at exactly the right moment, then you can hang from it for a certain length of time in order to clear some of the obstacles. Just press ANY KEY if you want to let go sooner. Points are scored for every step you take. After a certain distance you will pass a finishing point. Your score will then be displayed while you pause for breath - press ANY KEY to go on to the next stage, which will get progressively faster, with more and more hazards appearing.

TIP: You jump four spaces at a time, so try to time your jumps accurately.

When you hit an obstacle, you will die and the game is over - your score will be displayed. Press ANY KEY and you will be given the choice of either playing another game of returning to the GAMES menu.



A, G or ↑up
X, R or ↓down
EXE or SPACEfire

You are the commander of a submarine. You must shoot the underwater creatures but you cannot shoot the seaweed, although you can sometimes shoot through it.

Each jelly fish and shark shot gives you 10 points.

When you shoot a mine you get 100 points, but lethal debris will be scattered around the screen, so shoot carefully!

On level 2, you have to negotiate the underwater tunnels of seaweed.

When you are hit, your submarine will explode and the game is over. When you have seen your score, press ANY KEY and you can choose to either play another game or go back to the GAMES menu.



ANY KEY to roll the reels
A, B or Cto hold the reels (when given a hold)
F to cancel a hold
EXE to roll the reels after a hold
ON/CLEAR to quit the program

This is an arcade style fruit machine. The aim is to score as many wins as possible in the least number of spins. On the right of the screen, next to "SPIN" or "S", you will see the number of spins. Below this, next to "WIN" or "W", the amount you have won is recorded. The amount in the bank is always 20 to begin with - on 4-line machines this is also displayed. On all machines you will hear a high-pitched sound whenever the bank is incremented.


1 Cherry in position A 1
Any symbol in both A and B2
3 Cherries 3
3 Oranges 6
3 Pears 9
3 Grapes 12
3 Bells 15
3 Bars 18
3 Double bars 21
3 Triple bars 24
3 Sevens value in bank



A,B,C,D,Eto throw away card
F to cancel all thrown away cards before EXE is pressed
EXE to continue deal
ON/CLEAR to quit program

This is draw poker. First you will be told how much money you ave. Now enter your stake and press EXE to have you cards dealt. You must try to get the highest hand out of your 5 cards by throwing away any that you want to change. (Remember to use F if you decide to alter you choice.) Press EXE for the new cards to be dealt. When you have seen these new cards, the screen will display your win (if any):


One pair (picture and aces only)1 x stake
Two pairs (any cards)2 x stake
Three of a kind (3 cards of the same value)5 x stake
A flush (all 5 cards of the same suit)10 x stake
A house (2 cards of one value, 3 of another)15 x stake
A poker (4 cards of the same value)25 x stake
A straight (a run of 5 cards)30 x stake
A straight flush (a run of 5 cards all of the same suit)50 x stake

Press ANY KEY to play the next hand and follow the same procedure again. The game is over when you have lost all you money, but as soon as you press ANY KEY, you will be given the chance to play again if you want to. If not, then you can exit to the GAMES menu and choose another game to play.



T to Twist - get another card
S to Stick
B to Buy another card
ON/CLEARto quit the program

This is standard casino pontoon. The aim is to get a better hand than the dealer without going over the limit of 21 (which is called "busting"). First you will be told how much money you have. Now enter your stake and press EXE. You are then shown your hand (on the left) and the dealer's hand (on the right). You can "twist" to have another card dealt, then check your total before choosing what to do next. (Picture cards count as 10; an ace can count as 1 or 11 - you decide.) If you think that you might be able to beat the dealer with one more car, then you can "buy" a card instead of just twisting - when you do this, you double your stake. As soon as you choose to "stick", the dealer will be allowed to twist and you will find out who won.


Ordinary wins1 x stake
Pontoon1.5 x stake
Five card trick (If you twist or buy a card five times without busting)1.5 x stake

You can continue playing until you run out of money. Then press ANY KEY and you will be given the option of playing another game of Pontoon if you wish. If not, you will return to the GAMES menu.




A...Fcurve ball up
G...Lsend ball straight
M...Rcurve ball down


→ and ←review score card
EXE go to the bowling alley
ON/CLEAR quit game


(after your own result has been displayed)

↑ and ↓ review hi-score table
EXE finish

TENPIN is a ten pin bowling simulator. 1 to 4 people can play at the same time. The aim is to clear all ten skittles (pins) in a frame.

First, enter the number of players and press EXE, then enter each of their names followed by EXE. Now you will see the blank score card of the first player - press EXE again to go to the bowling alley...

Each frame consists of two balls, giving you two chances to clear the pins. Players take it in turns to play a frame each. The score card will be shown after each ball - just press EXE to bowl again. After both balls have been played, the remaining pins are cleared. At the left-hand side of the screen, the top number tells you which player is bowling, the one beneath this tells you which ball is being played. On the 4-line Organisers the third number below these two tells you your score for the current frame.


When you bowl the ball, you have to choose whether to make it curve up or down, or go straight, be pressing a key on the corresponding row. It is up to you to use your judgement to bowl at the right point. Once the ball has been bowled, you have one further chance of altering its course - to do this, hold down a key on a different row, but be careful not to send the ball out of the alley (off the top or the bottom of the screen). On the 4-line machines make sure you aim to hit the base of the pins to make them fall.


Points are scored for knocking the pins down: if you knock down three pins for example, you score 3 points and a "3" will appear on your score card. If you manage to clear all ten pins in a frame with two shots, this is called a SPARE and gives you double points for the next shot. It appears on your score card as a "/". Clearing all ten pins with just your first shot is called a STRIKE. This entitles you to double points for the next two shots and appears on your score card as an "x". The score card will show your score for each frame, ball by ball. Here is an example of a score card:

Player 1| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |TOT ANDREW |3 4| x |1 2|4 /|* | 37

Note: When your score card is displayed you will see only the current frame on the screen (as well as the previous frame on the 4-line machines). Use the arrow keys to see the other frames.

This player scored 3 with his first ball, and 4 with his second - 7 in total for the first frame. On the second frame he scored a strike ("x") which counts as 10. On the third frame only three pins were knocked down in total, but as the previous frame was a strike, this score is doubled to count as 6. A spare ("/") was made with the second ball on frame four, which again counts as 10. The * indicates the current frame. The first ball thrown on this frame will count as double because of the previous spare. There are ten frames in a match, but there is always space on the score card for an eleventh. This frame is used if a strike or spare entitles you to an extra ball, and a strike entitles you to 2. A running total of your score is displayed at the right of your card


When all the frames have been played, you are shown your score card once more. (If there were several players, then press EXE to see each score card in turn.) Now press EXE again to look at the Hi-score table - if you scored highly enough your name will be there.

Note: TENPIN will generate a small file called HISCORE on Pack A: - this is done so that the hi-score table can be retained even when GAMES PACK is removed.