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The Psion Organiser II
Mains Adaptor Instruction Leaflet


The Psion Mains Adaptor allows you to power your Organiser II directly from the 220/240 Volt mains supply. Simply fit the adaptor into the slot at the top of the Organiser II, attach the cable, plug the power supply unit into the wall socket and switch on.

The Mains Adaptor unit may be used with or without a battery being present in the Organiser. But remember that if you are using your Organiser without a battery, the contents of the main memory will be lost when you switch off. For this reason it is advisable to keep a battery installed in the Organiser. With a battery fitted, the power required to run your application will be drawn only from the mains supply, and you data will be protected against accidental loss.

Each Psion peripheral device fro you Organiser II is supplied with an adaptor incorporating a socket for mains power input. When using any of these devices, the cable from the power unit should be plugged directly into the socket on the peripheral adaptor.

Note: The Mains Adaptor unit does not recharge batteries even if rechargeable batteries are fitted in the Organiser. Such batteries must be removed from the Organiser for external charging.