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Psion News Index

This is an index to the Psion News issues that I have, as well as the User Catalogues. For some entries, such as for example Organiser models, I have not listed all mentions, but only the first few and the more interesting later ones.

PN1 p2Psion News, Issue 1, page 2
UC88 p41988 User Catalogue, page 4
PU90 p61990 Produktübersicht, page 6

Hardware Psion Organiser/Computer Models Memory Packs Devices Software Packs Psion Consumer Industry Software for PC and other systems Books Companies, Organisations


Psion Organiser/Computer Models

Item References
Organiser 1 PN1, p2 PN1, p5 PN11, p16
CM PN1, p1 PN1, p5 PN7, p1 UC90, p5
XP PN1, p5
XP/LA (32K) PN2, p1 PN7, p1 UC90, p5
French version PN1, p4
German version PN3, p6
Multilingual XP PN6, p5
LZ PN7, p1 PN7, p16 PN9, p5 UC90, p5
LZ64 PN7, p1 PN7, p16 PN9, p6 PN13, p8 PN13, p9 UC90, p5
Alpha POS PN4, p4 PN5, p1
POS200 PN4, p4 PN5, p1 PN7, p3 PN9, p4 PN10, p7 PN12, p4
P250 PN4, p4 PN5, p1 PN8, p5 PN8, p9 PN11, p6
P296 PN9, p8 PN10, p2
P350 PN7, p2 PN12, p5
P432 PN11, p3 PN11, p6
P464 PN11, p3
MC200 PN8, p1 PN10, p20-23 PN11, p4 PN11, p17
MC400 PN8, p1 PN8, p14 PN9, p1 PN10, p5 PN10, p10 PN10, p16 PN10, p20-23 PN11, p4 PN11, p6 PN12, p13
MC600 PN10, p1 PN10, p16 PN10, p20-23 PN11, p4 PN11, p7
HC PN12, p1-3 PN12, p16 PN13, p5-8
Series 3 PN12, p2 PN13, p1-5 PN13, p16-25

Memory Packs

Item References
64K Datapak PN2, p1 UC90, p37
128K Datapak PN1, p3 PN2, p1 PN2, p2 PN4, p4 UC90, p37
32K Rampak PN2, p1 PN6, p8 PN7, p14 UC88, p3 UC90, p37
RamPage 128/256K (XEC Products/Widget Software Ltd.) PN9, p5 UC90, p38
512K/1MB Ram Bak (Dynasys) PU90, p36
256K Flash Datapak PN11, p2


Item References
Barcode Readers PN1, p2 PN1, p3 PN2, p2 PN4, p5 PN5, p1 PN7, p3 UC90, p40 PU90, p10-12 PU90, p17-19
Comms Link PN1, p1 PN1, p5 PN2, p1 PN2, p5 PN4, p4 PN5, p1 PN5, p5 UC88, p6 UC90, p39 PU90, p45
     For Apple Mac PN5, p5 PU90, p44
     In German PN5, p6 PN6, p5
     In French PN6, p5
     For Unix PN7, p14
Eraser 16 PN4, p4 PN8, p5 UC90, p40 PU90, p15
Formatter UC88, p7 UC90, p40 PU90, p16
Magnetic Card Reader PN1, p3 PN2, p2 PN4, p5 PN5, p2 PN6, p3 PN8, p9 UC90, p40 PU90, p20-21
Mains Adaptor UC88, p7 PU90, p41
Mark III Copier PN4, p4 PN5, p2 PN7, p3 PN7, p4 PN8, p5 UC90, p40 PU90, p14
Mini Formatter PN3, p4/5 UC90, p41
PC Adapter Set for Mark III Copier PU90, p64
Psion Printer II PN5, p1 PN6, p1 PN6, p11 UC88, p4 UC90, p39 PU90, p23-24
Wordcall Pager PN3, p8 PN8, p9 PN8, p16 PN9, p4 PN10, p11
2123 Modem (Dacom) PN8, p7
Acoustic Coupler/Modem A+M (Elimex) PU90, p39
AKKU Power Pack (Cosys Vertrieb GmbH) PU90, p52
Analog/Digital Converter (Warok) PU90, p42
Analog/Digital Converter (Yellow Computing) PU90, p42
Angled Desk Stand (Systemslink Ltd.) PN12, p12
Automatiseur II (MIW) PN10, p14
Cellquad Modem (Dacom) PN8, p6
Chargepak (SES Data Systems Ltd.) PN12, p12
CODITEC System (Coditec GmbH) PU90, p13 PU90, p87 PU90, p144 PU90, p170
Comms Modem (Extech Instruments Corp.) PN7, p10 UC90, p41
Comms Printer (Extech Instruments Corp.) PN7, p10 UC90, p41 PU90, p22
Datamate Quad Modem (Psion Dacom) PN11, p11
Datatrans 2400 (Elimex) PU90, p40
Datafax Modem (Dacom) PN8, p6
DCP5100 Wireless Barcode Reader Pen (Datacap) PN12, p13
DIGITAL I/O (Yellow Computing) PU90, p46-48
DIGIPEN (Avonius) PN4, p7
DMC II Distance Measuring device (DMC) UC90, p32 PU90, p61
DP7000 Ruggedised Printer (Datacap) PN12, p13
DT/Dialer (XEC Computer Products Inc.) UC90, p38
DTMF Dialler (Transform Ltd.) PN10, p18 UC90, p45
Dynabar-232 (XEC Computer Products Inc.) UC90, p38
Dyna/Poll-485 (Dynasys Technologies Inc.) UC90, p42
Dynaport 3 (Dynasys Technologies Inc.) PN12, p12
Fastlane Modem (Dacom) PN7, p6
Infra Link (COMMA, Computer Markt Consulting GmbH) PU90, p49-50
IR Comms Interface (Extech Instruments) UC90, p42
Jaguar CD PN5, p3
Keyboard overlay (Stengel) PU90, p65
Leather Case (Systemslink Ltd.) PN12, p12 PN13, p15 PU90, p29
Leather Case (Stengel) PU90, p30
Leather Datapack Case (Stengel) PU90, p26
Leather Wallet (Harvester) PU90, p28
LISA (Sony) PN10, p6
MAD Box (TIS) PU90, p37
Max tablestand (Powamatics Ltd.) PU90, p33
Nylon Case (Elimex - Videostar) PU90, p31
POWAMAX and POWABAK (Powamatics Ltd.) PN9, p6 UC90, p42 PU90, p55-60
Paralink (Silvertree Engineering Ltd./Widget Software) PN7, p11 PN8, p14 UC90, p43 PU90, p51
Printer Case (Systemslink Ltd.) PN7, p11
Protective Case (Info Adapt Services) PN6, p5
Rabone Ultrasonic PN1, p2
Radiodat 1200 PN5, p7
Rubber case PU90, p27
Ruggedised Organiser Case (SES) PN8, p3 UC90, p44 PU90, p32
SDRP Electronic Fieldbook PN3, p2
Serial/Parallel Converter (Elimex) PU90, p63
SF10 Datalogger (Digitron Instrumentation) PN9, p14 PN10, p14 UC90, p14
Speech Synthesiser PN8, p10

Software Packs


Item References
Concise Oxford Spelling Checker UC88, p7 UC90, p21 PU90, p162
Finance Pack UC88, p5
Finance Pack II PN3, p4 UC90, p17 PU90, p102
Flash Datapak Formatter PN11, p2
Formulator PN3, p5 PN4, p8 UC88, p5 UC90, p27 PU90, p105
Games Pack (S.I.S./Psion) PN9, p16 UC90, p19 PU90, p167
Maths Pack UC88, p5 UC90, p27 PU90, p141
Pocket Spreadsheet PN1, p1 PN1, p5 PN2, p5 UC88, p3 UC90, p28 PU90, p171
     In German PN5, p6
Portfolio (DIP/Psion) PN3, p5 PN5, p4/5 UC88, p8 UC90, p17 PU90, p89
Pure Finance (DIP/Psion) PN3, p5 PN5, p4 UC88, p8 UC90, p17 PU90, p103
Thesaurus and Spelling Checker PN9, p16 PN10, p19 UC90, p22
Travel Pack (Organized Solutions/Psion) PN4, p5 PN5, p4 PN6, p4 UC88, p8 UC90, p36 PU90, p164


These are names of software packs by third-party companies that are marketed towards the ordinary consumer.

Item References
Airnav (Interair Aviation Ltd.) PN7, p11 UC90, p23
Aktie/Share (Warok) PU90, p71
Anagrams (BroadOak Computing Ltd.) PN9, p14
Angler (DMT Associates) UC88, p13 UC90, p18
Anternational Traveller (Advanced New Technology) UC88, p12
A.P.F. (XOB) UC90, p11
Assembler (AR Software/Transform Ltd.) PN10, p15 UC90, p15 UC90, p45 PU90, p160
Astronomy Software (Mt. I. Whittaker) PN10, p18
Astropak (Mackay International Ltd.) PN12, p12 UC90, p24
Astro Navigation (Maritek) PU90, p150
Autoscribe II / Autoscribe Plus (Widget Software Ltd.) PN6, p5 UC90, p10 PU90, p175
Bank/Cash Account (Transform Ltd.) UC88, p10
Bank data (Comp 3 Computadores e Servicos LDA) PU90, p130
Banking (Will Chapman) UC90, p22
Biopak (Mackay International Ltd.) PN7, p11 UC90, p24
Biocal (Warok) PU90, p138
BTDSF (Carsten Schulze-Fils) PU90, p176
Coastal Navigation (Maritek) PU90, p151
Convert (Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd.) PN13, p15
Datamanager (Stengel) PU90, p93
DataCom NET-AdM (DataCom Service) PU90, p94
Data Organiser (Harvester) PN3, p5 UC88, p.iv UC88, p11 PU90, p95
Da Vinci System (Mount Portland) PN4, p5
Dictionary English-Hungarian (Warok) PU90, p108
Dictionary German-English (Warok) PU90, p106
Dictionary German-Hungarian (Warok) PU90, p107
Easy-writing (Monad International Ltd.) PN10, p18 UC90, p24
English PrakPak (Mackay Language Software) UC90, p24 PU90, p169
Figaro (DMT Associates) UC88, p.iii UC88, p13 UC90, p18
FileMaster (Widget) PN4, p5 UC88, p.viii UC88, p10 UC90, p12 PU90, p96
Filepack (Aware) PN3, p4
Finance Pack (Psicom Tech) PN3, p4
Finance Pack (Rathe & Demus) PU90, p104
Finanzpak (Stengel Computer Technik) PN3, p4 PU90, p126
Finance Master Pack (Financial Logic Ltd.) UC90, p19
Finger Organiser (Harvester) PN1, p3 PN3, p5 UC88, p.iv UC88, p11 PU90, p139
Flight Navigation (Psitronic) PN3, p4
Fnkey (Cubsoft) PN3, p5 PN4, p5 UC88, p.vi UC90, p22
Form Master (Cascade Systems Ltd. / Artronic Products Ltd.) UC88, p13 UC90, p20
French PrakPak (Mackay Language Software) UC90, p24
Fresh (Rathe & Demus) PU90, p157
Gambler (SIS) UC88, p15
Note: Became mostly incorporated into Psion's Games Pack.
Games (BroadOak Computing Ltd.) PN10, p18 PN12, p12 UC90, p19
Games Pack (Psitronic) PN3, p4
Games (SIS) UC88, p.ii UC88, p15
Note: Became mostly incorporated into Psion's Games Pack.
Games Organiser (Harvester Information Systems) PN4, p5 UC88, p.iv UC88, p11 PU90, p165
Games Organiser II (Harvester Information Systems) PU90, p166
German Prakpak (Mackay International Ltd.) PN12, p12 UC90, p24
Golfer (DMT Associates) UC90, p18
Golf Scorecaddy (Camel Systems Ltd.) PN7, p11
Golfscorer Pro (WIKSOFT) PN13, p15
GPS System (Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd.) PN13, p15
Grammar Pack (English for Foreigners) PN5, p5
Gravity (Cubsoft) PN3, p5
Hangman (Global Software) PN4, p5 UC88, p.ii UC88, p14
The Indexer (Musk Ideas Ltd.) UC90, p11
Informed Organiser (Harvester) PN3, p5 UC88, p.iv UC88, p11 PU90, p69-70
Investmanager (Stengel) PU90, p88
Italian PrakPak (Mackay Language Software) UC90, p24
Jotter (Camel Systems Ltd.) UC88, p13
K.G. Adress (Klaus Gutheil) PU90, p68
K.G. Matrix (Klaus Gutheil) PU90, p155
K.G. Telefon (Klaus Gutheil) PU90, p172
Leisure Packs (HB Consultants) UC90, p20
Letter Organiser (Harvester) PN1, p3 PN3, p5 UC88, p.iv UC88, p11 PU90, p177 PU90, p179
Mail List (Transform Ltd.) UC88, p10
Marine (Maritek) PN4, p5 UC88, p14
Morse Prakpak (Mackay Language Software) PN10, p18 UC90, p24
Music Prakpak (Mackay International Ltd.) PN7, p11 UC90, p24
Nautic Organiser (Elimex) PU90, p152
Navigation (Maritek Ltd.) UC90, p23
The Navigator (Musk Ideas Ltd.) UC90, p20
NAVIMAT (Lothar Klatt EDV) PU90, p153
Notepad (Will Chapman) UC90, p22
Obase (Transform Ltd.) UC88, p10 PU90, p97
Personal Assistant (Portable Software) UC90, p23
Personal Finance, Personal Finance II (Willow Enterprises Ltd.) PN4, p5 UC88, p11 UC90, p18
Poker Dice (BroadOak Computing Ltd.) PN9, p14
Probase (SIS) PN3, p4 UC88, p.ii UC88, p14 UC90, p12
Prochart (Stengel) PU90, p90
Proword (SIS) UC88, p.ii
Program Pack 1 (Transform Ltd.) PN12, p12
Psion Games (Co-Plan R Trifonoff Ges MBH) PN3, p4
Psiophonium 1 (Aberdare Assoc.) PN3, p5
PSPC (Will Chapman) UC90, p11
Quartermaster (Xec) PN4, p5
Race/Hcap/Road/Pred/Memb (Will Chapman) PN4, p5
Result (Widget Software Ltd.) UC90, p28
Roulette (BroadOak Computing Ltd.) PN9, p14 PN13, p15
SailPC (Rechenzentrum des DTSB) PU90, p168
School (Stengel) PU90, p140
Shareman (DMT Associates) UC88, p13 UC90, p18
Sightmaster 2 (Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd.) PN12, p12
Spanish Prakpak (Mackay International Ltd.) PN7, p11 UC90, p24
Superchip (Harvester) PN3, p5 UC88, p.iv UC88, p11 PU90, p117
Super Finans (Psitronic) PN4, p5
TAFXP/LZ, TIDESXP/LZ (Pilotage Software) PN12, p12
TAIR (Will Chapman) PN4, p5
Telefon Organiser "CARO" (Elimex) PU90, p173
Tide (Maritek) PU90, p154
TIDESXP, TIDESLZ, PILOT (Pilotage Software) PN10, p18
Transfile ST CL (Widget Software Ltd.) UC90, p12
Traveller (Diaalsoft) UC88, p13
TSUM/DSUM (Will Chapman) PN4, p5
Typing Tutor (Mackay Language Software) UC90, p24
Videotape Manager (XOB) UC90, p20
Vitacalc (Organised Solutions Ltd.) UC88, p.vii UC88, p14
Vocabulary Pack (English for Foreigners) PN5, p5
Widget Pack (Widget) PN3, p5
Wordgames (XOB) UC90, p20
Words (BroadOak Computing Ltd.) PN12, p12
XBase (Cubsoft) PN7, p11 UC88, p.vi UC88, p13 UC90, p11 PU90, p92
ZIP Software (Christopher Burton/ZIP Software) PN7, p11 PN9, p14


These are names of software packs (or of whole software systems) that are marketed to or custom-made for industry and retail, or aimed at particular professions.

Item References
Accounts Pak (SIS) UC88, p.ii
Add-man (Quality Technical Services) PN10, p18
Animal Diet Formulation (Peebles Microsystems Ltd.) PN4, p5
AntChart (Advanced New Technology) PN4, p5
Anteta (Advanced New Technology) PN3, p5 UC88, p12 UC90, p6
Ant To Maapics (Advanced New Technology) UC88, p12
Apex Audit (Apex Engineers) UC90, p13
Asset Checking & Monitoring (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) PN9, p14
Asset Control System (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) UC90, p7
Attendance Pack (Mackay Language Software) PN10, p18
Aufmaßprogramm (Warok) PU90, p112
Auftragserfassung/Order processing (Systemanalyse) PU90, p142
Autopack (Rathe & Demus) PU90, p132
Bacchus (DMT Associates) UC90, p18
BarLab (Advanced New Technology) PN3, p5 UC88, p12
Barcode Printer I (Gaascom Ltd.) PN5, p5 UC88, p.vii UC88, p13 UC90, p6
Barcodedruck EAN8+13, 2/5 (Warok) PU90, p83
BARCODE PACK (Stengel) PU90, p84
BARCODE PACK II (Yellow Computing) PU90, p85
Barcode Pack (Rathe & Demus) PU90, p100
Barcoding + DBASE III & IV (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) PN9, p14
BarStock Control (Custom Software Systems) PN4, p6
Bestell (Warok) PU90, p75
Beverage stock (DMT Associates) PN6, p5
BEVUS Stocktaking Organiser (BEVUS GmbH) PU90, p34
BLIP (Ashton & Aschenfield) PN6, p7 PU90, p98
Bolsa (TGR) PN3, p4
Booker (A.G.S.) PN6, p5
Bookmate (Comtec) PN3, p5
Broadcast Edit Pack (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) PN9, p14 UC90, p13
Businessman (Systemslink Ltd.) PN7, p11 UC90, p10 PU90, p111
CALCULAT/Familienrecht (Hans Mohrmann-Walter) PU90, p122
CALCULAT/Kostenrecht (Hans Mohrmann-Walter) PU90, p123
CALCULAT/Rechenprogramm (Hans Mohrmann-Walter) PU90, p124
CALCULAT komplett (Hans Mohrmann-Walter) PU90, p125
Calibration Monitoring & Control (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) PN9, p14
Cargo Master (Cabin Software) UC88, p12
Car Parker (Systemslink Ltd.) UC90, p36 PU90, p183
CARQUOTE (SKAND Computer Services Ltd.) PN6, p3
CCS Chip card system (Corso GmbH) PU90, p127
Census Master II (Langdale Systems Ltd.) PN1, p3 PN3, p5
Check it (Rathe & Demus) PU90, p109
Chronos F1 (Alfa-Projects) PN11, p9
C.N.C. Manager (Applied Physics Ltd.) PN8, p14
COCH (Grafinta SA) PN9, p14
Computer Order System COS (CAE Systemtechnik GmbH) PU90, p182
Control de Entradas (TGR) PN3, p4
Convert (Monad International Ltd.) PN7, p11
COSYS AD01: Außendienst (Cosys Vertrieb GmbH) PU90, p76
COSYS FIKA: Filial Kassen (Cosys Vertrieb GmbH) PU90, p128
COSYS IV01: Inventur (Cosys Vertrieb GmbH) PU90, p118
Countdown (Dataforce Systems Ltd.) PN6, p5
CTM (Langdale Systems Ltd.) PN3, p5
Customorg (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) UC90, p8
Datalogger (Silvertree Engineering Ltd.) PN7, p11 UC88, p14
Data Logger (C. Fearnley) PN5, p5
Data Loggers (D & H Surveys) PN4, p5
Dataunit (Data Acquisition & Technical Analysis Ltd.) PN10, p18
Dateisystem (Stengel Computer Technik) PN3, p4
DC-1000 (Grafinta SA) PN9, p14
dCAPP (XEC Computer Products Inc.) UC90, p14
Debt-Aid (Ferret Information Systems) UC90, p26
Decentralised Stocktaking (A. Rudolf Software GmbH) PU90, p119
Decentralised Meter Readings (A. Rudolf Software GmbH) PU90, p181
Delta Sales (Comp 3 Computadores e Servicos LDA) PU90, p77
Denbar (Codeway Shuster Ltd.) UC90, p10
Dimcon (Morris Engineering) PN5, p5
Dive Master (Hellenic Institute of Marine Archeology) PN11, p10
D-LOG (SES) PN1, p3
DMC II (DMC) UC90, p32
Easier Valuations (Systemslink Ltd.) UC90, p32
Easymail (Allenby Computer Services) UC90, p21
E.C.B. (D.H. Software Systems Ltd.) UC90, p16
EDITEL (Filarianc) PN4, p6
Electronic Driver's Log (Warok) PU90, p35
Energy calculator (Energy Advisory Services Ltd.) PN6, p5
Equipment Inspection Management (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) UC90, p26
Estimator 4000 (North Downs Programming Ltd.) PN6, p5
Factutacao (TGR) PN3, p4
Feedcalc (Hicomm) PN3, p5
Filemaster Developer version (Widget Software) PN6, p5
Fire Appliance Monitoring (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) UC90, p26
Flow - Timesys (Flow Instruments & Engineering) PU90, p190
FRESH-Utility (Rathe & Demus) PN10, p18
Fruit and Veg (Micro-Retailer Systems Ltd.) PN7, p11
GAP (Psicom S.r.l) PN3, p4
Gaz (Warok) PU90, p191
Genotyp (Warok) PN9, p7 PU90, p186
GEODOS (Viker Data AB) PN7, p11 UC90, p33 PU90, p184
Gesie (Financys systems) PN5, p5
GP Software (Dr Clive Long) PN5, p5
Handelsvertreter (Stengel) PU90, p78
H.B. Helper (Data Innovation) PN3, p5
Hearing Protector Selector (Quality Technical Services) PN7, p11 PN10, p18
Heating Costs Calculator (Warok) PU90, p114
Helper-Plus (Ferret Information Systems) PN8, p14 UC90, p26
Highways & Bridges (Chris Thorpe Projects) UC90, p16
Highways & Traffic Surveys (Howard Humphreys & Partners Ltd.) UC90, p31
Hint-PS (Howard Humphreys & Partners Ltd.) PN5, p5 UC90, p36
Hint-SI (Howard Humphreys & Partners Ltd.) PN5, p5
Hint-TC (Howard Humphreys & Partners Ltd.) PN5, p5 UC90, p36
HOUSES (D & H Surveys) PN4, p5
Hydronaut (Subtronic) PN13, p9
IDD Phonepak (Hicomm) PN3, p5
Improver (Ferret Information Systems) PN8, p14
Integrated Data Acquisition System (Instrumentation Technologies) PN10, p18
Inventur (Systemanalyse) PU90, p143
In-Work Helper (Ferret Information Systems) PN6, p2 PN8, p14 UC90, p26
Jetcalc (SPD Swan Consultants) PN3, p5
Komp Ident (DIAG WISS) PU90, p82
Kostenstelle / Cost Center (Warok) PU90, p131
Kurbeltrieb / Crankshaft (Technokam) PU90, p146
Lace (Beachcomber Software) UC88, p12 UC90, p8
Lager/Warehouse (Warok) PU90, p133
Lagerverwaltung/Warehouse management (Stengel) PU90, p134
Land Surveying (4-D Surveys Ltd.) PN9, p14
Legal Aid (Ferret Information Systems) UC90, p26
LifeScan (LifeScan) PN12, p12
Limit (Langdale Systems Ltd.) PN3, p5
Linkup (Systemslink) PU90, p129
LOCAT (Franz Gsodam Maschinenbau) PU90, p91 PU90, p115
London Exchange Update (Dataworks) PN10, p18
Looksat (BroadOak Computing Ltd.) PN9, p14 UC90, p15
Mageta (Advanced New Technology) UC88, p12
Maintman (Ferret Information Systems) PN8, p14 UC90, p26
Management Checklist (SPD Swan Consultants) PN3, p5
Manager (BroadOak Computing Ltd.) PN13, p15
MCS (Langdale Systems Ltd.) PN3, p5
MDE Krankenhaus (Monolith Software GmbH) PU90, p99
Measured Survey CAD Interface (Surveying Technology Ltd.) PN9, p14
M.E.D.I.C.(Matrix Management Services) PN12, p13
Medicalc (Data Innovation) PN3, p5
Meter Reader (Silvertree Engineering Ltd.) PN7, p11
Meter-reading Pak (Leathams Electronics Ltd.) PN6, p5
Meter Reading (Apex Engineers) UC90, p13
MFile (Co-Plan R Trifonoff Ges MBH) PN3, p4
Milktrak (CNC Business Equipment) PN4, p2
Mini Till (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) PN9, p14
Mobile Library Unit (Geac Computer) PN3, p5
Mobile Sales (Solar Business Systems Ltd.) PN8, p14
Modem Pak (Pocketbrain) PN6, p5
MOLIN (IDS) PU90, p120
Moneybags (Leathams Electronics Ltd.) PN6, p5
MOWA (IDS) PU90, p145
M+P Salesman Billing system (Maier & Partner GmbH) PU90, p62
Newstrek (Tabula) PN5, p5 UC88, p15 UC90, p30
Notary Timerite (Stephen Cox) PN3, p5
The Office Monitor (SET Technologies) PN10, p8
Offshore Survey Pak (R. A. Edwards) UC88, p13
OilSurvey (Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd.) PN13, p15
Organised Hospital (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) UC90, p27
Palmtop Office (Palmtop Software Ltd.) PN13, p15
Pathology Workload Management System (Altim Medical Systems) PN8, p4
P.A.Y.E. (Premier Computer Services) PN5, p5 UC88, p14
PBS Parking beat Survey (Langdale Systems Ltd.) PN3, p5
PBS (DataCom Service) PU90, p86
PC Sales Organiser (Graphic Options) UC90, p29
Personalzeiterfassung (Monolith Software Gmb) PU90, p193
Personnel management applications (Data Analysa Systems) PN5, p5
Pharm-Assist (McLernon Computers) PN5, p7
Phone (Langdale Systems Ltd.) PN3, p5
P.O.S. (KLUG Computer & Telekommunikation) PU90, p74
Powerpak Plus (Allenby Computer Services Ltd.) UC90, p7 UC90, p11
The Presenter (InterSearch Systems Ltd.) PN9, p14
Prochart (Stengel Computer Technik) PN3, p4
Project Manager (Advanced New Technology) PN4, p5 UC88, p12
Prompt master (Langdale Systems Ltd.) UC90, p9
Prüfstand / Test Rig (Technokam) PU90, p147
PS - Elektro (Warok) PU90, p113
Psistem C.N.C. (Stubbings Engineers Ltd.) PN8, p14
PSWAAGE (Warok) PU90, p187
Question master (Langdale Systems Ltd.) PN8, p14 UC90, p14
Questor (HB Consultants) UC90, p13
Quick-Calc (Dencomp Computers) PN7, p11
Quotations (Moorgate Technology) PN5, p5
Quotum (National Technology Services Inc.) UC90, p29
Racetime (On Track Marketing) PN9, p14
Rathe & Demus - Inventur PU90, p121
RegMatch (Langdale Systems Ltd.) PN3, p5
Renovator (Ferret Information Systems) UC90, p26
Result (Leathams Electronics Ltd.) PN6, p5
Retail/Wholesale (Systemslink Ltd.) UC90, p30
Retriever (Cristle Electronics Ltd.) PN8, p14
Roads (D & H Surveys) PN4, p5
Roadrunner (Howard Humphreys & Partners Ltd.) PN10, p18
Routewise (Titan Computers Ltd.) UC90, p25
Safety Log (Advanced New Technology Ltd.) UC90, p26
S.A.F.E. (Harvester) PU90, p72-73
Sales Assistant (Portable Software) UC90, p28
Sales Organiser (Graphic Options) PN4, p5 UC88, p14
Salestrak (Tabula Ltd.) UC90, p29
S.A.M.S. (Harvester) PN4, p5 UC88, p.v PU90, p194=195
Scond Pack (Psitronic) PN3, p4
SeqSam (Advanced New Technology) PN3, p5 UC88, p12
Set-Out (D & H Surveys) PN4, p5
Share Master (Moorgate Technology) PN5, p5
Share Teacher (Round Two Computer Products) PN5, p5
Share Tracker (Round Two Computer Products) UC88, p14 UC90, p18
Ship Stability (Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd.) PN12, p12
Ship (Will Chapman) PN4, p5
Shipbroker's Voyage Estimator (M.C.S. Ltd.) UC90, p9
Shop (PB Computer Services) PN4, p5
S.L.E.P. (Harvester) PU90, p178
S.O.L.D. (Harvester) UC88, p11 PU90, p79-80
Stock Control (Transform Ltd.) UC88, p10
Stock Control (Systemslink) PU90, p135
Stock pak (SIS) UC88, p.ii UC88, p15 UC90, p30
S.O.L.D. (Harvester) PU90, p136-137
Structural Analysis (D Fung) PN5, p5
Studiopak (DefSoft Software) UC90, p16
Super Selling (Gentsch GmbH) PU90, p81
Survey Master (Surveying Technology Ltd.) UC90, p31
Surveyors Valuation Software (Systemslink Ltd.) PN7, p11
Swim Manager II (Sportec) PN9, p14
TACOR (Grafinta SA) PN9, p14
TelLog (Advanced New Technology) PN3, p5 UC88, p12
Tierarzt / Veterinarian (Warok) PU90, p180
Time and Event Datalogger (Stirling Microsystems) PN8, p14 UC90, p13
Time Base (Transform Ltd.) UC88, p10
Timeclerk II (Timeclerk) PN12, p13
Timelog (SIS) UC88, p.ii UC88, p14 UC90, p10
Timelogger (Kirsta Products Ltd.) UC90, p8
Time Recording (Moorgate Technology) PN4, p5
Timesheet (SIS) PN3, p4
Timerrite Professional (Legal Micro Systems Ltd.) UC88, p14 UC90, p9
TIS Plot (TIS) PU90, p110
Total Quality Supervision (Chubb Hennessy Ltd.) PN10, p5
Training Assistant (Portable Software) UC90, p9
Transpak (Dalewood Computing Ltd.) PN6, p5 UC90, p36
Travel Diary (Psitronic) PN3, p4
Travel-Star (Warok) PU90, p163
Tube (Dataforce Systems Ltd.) PN6, p5
TVLog (Organiser Software) PN13, p15
Ufile (Leathams Electronics Ltd.) PN6, p5
Urica Library System (McDonnell Douglas) PN6, p8
Ventilhub-Messen / Valve Measuring (Technokam) PU90, p148
Ventilhubanalyse / Valve Analysis (Technokam) PU90, p149
Versicherungsmanager (DataCom Service) PU90, p185
Visitime (National Trust Enterprises) PN6, p9
Voyage Estimates Distances (Maritime Computer Systems Ltd.) UC88, p14
Ward Stock Top-Up (JAC Computer Systems) PN7, p13
Welding Advisor (Precision Systems Ltd.) PN4, p5
Wholefood Labeller (Well Computing) PN9, p14
Wirtschaftsmanager (Stengel) PU90, p188
X25Pack (TAM Systems) PN9, p14
Yacht Race Manager (Maritek) PU90, p189

Software for PC and other systems

Item References
PC-FOUR (Quill, Archive, Abacus, Easel) (Psion) PN1, p1 PN2, p3 PN2, p5 PN3, p2 PN3, p6 PN3, p9 PN3, p10 PN4, p3 PN4, p9 PN6, p8
Xchange (Psion) PN1, p4 PN2, p3 PN3, p11 PN4, p3 PN4, p9 PN5, p3 PN5, p8
Psion Chess (Psion) PN1, p8 PN2, p8 PN3, p12 PN4, p8 PN5, p11 PN11, p16
Organiser Developer (Psion) PN2, p1 PN2, p4 UC88, p6 UC90, p35 PU90, p161
Diary Link (Psion) PN3, p4 PN6, p4 UC88, p7 UC90, p21 PU90, p174
Comms Link for Apple Mac PN5, p5
Comms Link for Unix PN7, p14
Back it Up (Widget Software Ltd.) UC90, p12 PU90, p101
Filemaker (Widget Software Ltd.) PN12, p13
Linkup (Systemslink Ltd.) PN7, p11 UC90, p25
MC Tools (Rathe & Demus) PU90, p158
Oconvert (Elimex) PU90, p156
PC-S.A.M.S. (Harvester) PU90, p192
Tooldisk (Rathe & Demus) PU90, p159
TransfileST (Widget Software Ltd./Yellow Computing) PN8, p14
Psion Communication Server (Psion) PN12, p4


Item References
Anwendung des PSION Organiser PU90, p199
File-Handling and Other Programs PN6, p9 UC90, p46 PU90, p201
Machine Code Programming on the Psion Organiser PN10, p13 UC90, p46
OPL: Tips & Tricks PU90, p200
The Psion Organiser II Communications Handbook PN10, p13 PN12, p12 UC90, p46
The Psion Organiser Deciphered UC90, p45
Using and Programming the Psion Organiser II PN1, p6 UC88, p9 UC90, p46 PU90, p198

Companies, Organisations

Item References
3C Communications PN12, p11
4-D Surveys Ltd. PN9, p14
Aberdare Assoc. PN3, p5
ActionAid PN8, p11 PN9, p10 PN10, p9 PN12, p9
Adapco PN12, p8
Advanced New Technology Ltd. (ANT) PN3, p5 PN4, p5 PN9, p14 UC88, p12 UC90, p7 UC90, p8 UC90, p13 UC90, p26 UC90, p27
Advanced Personal Computer PN12, p6
Advanced Systems Consultants PN13, p10
A.G.S. PN6, p5
Alexon PN7, p5
Alfa-Projects PN11, p9
Allen-Martin Conservation Ltd. PN8, p7
Allenby Computer Services Ltd. UC90, p7 UC90, p11 UC90, p21
Altim Medical Systems PN8, p4
Apex Engineers UC90, p13
Applied Physics Ltd. PN8, p14
Aquafin PN13, p9
AR Software UC90, p15
Artronic Products Ltd. UC90, p20
A. Rudolf Software GmbH PU90, p119 PU90, p181
Ashton & Aschenfield PN6, p7 PN12, p7 PU90, p98
Aurora Casket Company PN13, p10
Autotechnica PN7, p9
Avonius PN4, p7
Aware PN3, p4
Baltona PN7, p9
Band Three Radio PN11, p3
Bayer PN10, p10
BCN International Computer SA PN4, p7 PN5, p7 PN7, p12
Beachcomber Software UC88, p12 UC90, p8
Benetton PN5, p2
BEVUS GmbH PU90, p34
Binaria SA PN9, p7
Birmingham Social Services PN4, p11
Blue Arrow PLC. PN4, p3
Boots PN6, p3
Bristol University PN2, p2
British Coal Board PN4, p3
British Gas Board PN4, p4
British Gas PN5, p11 PN11, p7
British Midland PN6, p3
British Museum PN12, p11
British Rail PN4, p2 PN4, p4
British Telecom PN4, p12 PN7, p4 PN8, p5 PN11, p6
BroadOak Computing Ltd. PN9, p14 PN10, p18 PN12, p12 PN13, p15 UC90, p15
Broadway Management Services PN6, p7
Cabin Software UC88, p12
CAE Systemtechnik GmbH PU90, p182
Caldor Inc. PN12, p8
Camel Systems Ltd. PN7, p11 UC88, p13
Carsten Schulze-Fils PU90, p176
Cascade Systems Ltd. UC88, p13
Chalfont Technologies Inc. PN12, p12
Chessington World of Adventures PN7, p4
Chris Thorpe Projects UC90, p16
Chubb Hennessy Ltd. PN10, p5
Ciro Pearls Ltd. PN7, p3 PN10, p4
CNC Business Equipment PN4, p2
Co-Plan R Trifonoff Ges MBH PN3, p4
Codeway Ltd., Codeway Shuster Ltd. PN7, p13 UC90, p6 UC90, p10
Coditec GmbH PU90, p13 PU90, p87 PU90, p144 PU90, p170
COMMA, Computer Markt Consulting GmbH PU90, p49 PU90, p50
Comp 3 - Computadores e Servicos LDA PU90, p77 PU90, p130
Computecnia de Panama PN9, p7
Computing Resource PN13, p14
Comtec PN3, p5
Corso GmbH - Computer Software PU90, p127
Corte Ingles PN5, p7
Cosys Vertrieb GmbH PU90, p12 PU90, p52 PU90, p76 PU90, p118 PU90, p128
Cotag PN1, p3
Courage Brewing PN10, p3
Cristle Electronics Ltd. PN8, p14
Cubsoft PN3, p5 PN7, p11 UC88, p.vi UC88, p13 UC90, p22 PU90, p92 PU90, p116
Custom Software Systems PN4, p6
Dacom PN7, p2 PN7, p6/7 PN8, p6 PN11, p11
Dalewood Computing Ltd. PN6, p5 UC90, p36
Danish Geology Institute PN10, p10
Danish Railways PN10, p7
Data Acquisition & Technical Analysis Ltd. PN10, p18
Data Analysa Systems PN5, p5 UC90, p9
Datacap Limited PN12, p13
DataCom Service PU90, p86 PU90, p94 PU90, p185
Dataekonomi and Strategi PN9, p9
Dataforce Systems Ltd. PN6, p5
Data Innovation PN2, p7 PN3, p5 PN8, p4
Dataworks PN10, p18
Debenhams PN7, p3
DefSoft Software UC90, p16
Dencomp Computers PN7, p11
Denwood Designs PN4, p5 UC88, p.i UC88, p13 UC90, p44
Department of Health and Social Security PN4, p4
Detron Ltd. PN4, p2 PN5, p3 UC90, p33
D.H. Software Systems Ltd. UC90, p16
Diaalsoft UC88, p13 UC90, p8
Digitron Instrumentation PN9, p14 PN10, p14 UC90, p14
DIP PN3, p5
DMC Equipment Ltd UC90, p32 PU90, p61
DMT Associates PN5, p8 PN6, p5 UC88, p.iii UC88, p13 UC90, p18
Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd. PN12, p12 PN13, p15
DSB PN6, p6
Dynasys Technologies Inc. PN12, p12 UC90, p42
East Sussex Libraries PN6, p8
Eastern Micro Electronics (Pty) Ltd. PN4, p6
ECA PN1, p2 PN4, p4
EEC PN6, p7
Egszi PN11, p8
Elektrodistribucija-Beograd PN9, p9
Elimex GmbH - Videostar PU90, p10 PU90, p28 PU90, p31-33 PU90, p36 PU90, p39-40 PU90, p55-60 PU90, p63 PU90, p69-70 PU90, p72-73 PU90, p79-80 PU90, p95 PU90, p97 PU90, p117 PU90, p136-137 PU90, p139 PU90, p152 PU90, p156 PU90, p165-166 PU90, p173 PU90, p177-179 PU90, p192 PU90, p194-195
Energy Advisory Services Ltd. PN6, p5
English for Foreigners PN5, p5
Environment Canada PN13, p9
Extech Instruments Corp. PN7, p10 UC90, p41 UC90, p42
FCH Automatisering PN10, p7
Ferrari Hand Data Systems Ltd. UC90, p34
Ferret Information Systems PN4, p11 PN6, p2 PN8, p14 UC90, p26
F.H. Fauldings Wholesale Pty Ltd. PN12, p8
Filarianc PN4, p6
Financial Logic Ltd. UC90, p19
Financys systems PN5, p5
Fischel GmbH PU90, p199
Flow Instruments & Engineering GmbH PU90, p190
Forestry Canada PN13, p8
Foundation for Communication for the Disabled PN4, p11
Franz Gsodam - Maschinenbau PU90, p91 PU90, p115
Gaascom Ltd. PN5, p5 UC88, p.vii UC88, p13 UC90, p6
Geac Computer PN3, p5
Gentsch GmbH PU90, p81
Geodimeter GmbH PU90, p184
Getur dis Ticaret A.S. PN3, p7
Global Software PN4, p5 UC88, p.ii UC88, p14
Grafinta SA PN9, p14
Graphic Options PN4, p5 UC88, p14 UC90, p29
Handheld Products PN1, p2
Hans Mohrmann-Walter PU90, p122 PU90, p123 PU90, p124 PU90, p125
Harald Meierhofer PN6, p6
Harvester Information Systems PN1, p3 PN3, p5 PN4, p5 UC88, p.iv UC88, p11
HB Consultants UC90, p13 UC90, p20 UC90, p23
Hellenic Institute of Marine Archeology PN11, p10
Hicomm PN3, p5
Hill Samuel Investment Services Ltd. PN4, p2 PN4, p4
Hitachi PN5, p11 PN8, p2
HM Land Registry PN4, p5
Howard Humphreys & Partners Ltd. PN5, p5 PN10, p18 UC90, p16 UC90, p31 UC90, p36
ICL PN9, p3
IDS - Intelligent Data Systems GmbH PU90, p11 PU90, p120 PU90, p145
IMO PN5, p3
Independent Psion Mobile Computer User Group PN10, p15
Indwest AB PN5, p6
Instrumentation Technologies PN10, p18
Intel PN8, p2 PN10, p10
IntelliLink Inc. PN13, p14
Interair Aviation Ltd. PN7, p11 UC90, p23
InterSearch Systems Ltd. PN9, p14
Ipso PN3, p8 PN3, p11 UC90, p22
ISS Electronics PN6, p6
JAC Computer Systems PN7, p13
JHP Training Ltd. PN2, p3
KA PN13, p14
Kapp Ahl PN9, p9
Kirsta Products Ltd. UC90, p8
Klatt PN13, p14
Klaus Gutheil PU90, p68 PU90, p155 PU90, p172
KLUG Computer & Telekommunikation PU90, p74
Kodak Ltd. PN6, p3
Kronos PN9, p7
Kuma Computers Ltd. PN6, p9 PN10, p13 PN12, p12 UC90, p45
Langdale Systems Ltd. PN1, p3 PN3, p5 PN8, p14 UC90, p9 UC90, p14
Leatham Electronics Ltd. PN2, p3 PN3, p3 PN6, p5 PN12, p14
Lee Valley Water PN11, p6
Leechmere Group PN4, p7
Legal Micro Systems Ltd. UC88, p14 UC90, p9
Lex Concessionaries Ltd. UC90, p7
Liberty Mutual PN10, p8
LifeScan PN12, p12
Linx Printing Technologies Ltd. PN10, p17
Lloyds Bowmaker PN7, p5
London Ambulance Service PN4, p8
London Buses Ltd. PN4, p2 PN4, p4
London Motor Boat Racing Club PN11, p12
London Transport Museum PN5, p9
London Underground Ltd. PN10, p4
Lothar Klatt EDV PU90, p153
Machine Tool Services PN12, p12
Mackay International Ltd. PN7, p11 PN10, p18 PN12, p12 UC90, p24 PU90, p169
Macrotech PN3, p7
Macy's PN4, p7
Maier & Partner GmbH HOC PU90, p62
Manfred Jung Computersysteme PN8, p9
Mantis Technologies PN8, p10
Maritek Ltd. PN4, p5 UC88, p14 UC90, p23 PU90, p150 PU90, p151 PU90, p154 PU90, p189
Maritime Computer Systems Ltd. UC88, p14
Marks and Spencers PN1, p3 PN4, p4 PN5, p2
Martela plc. PN5, p3
Matrix Management Services PN12, p13
Maxim PN8, p2
McDonnell Douglas PN6, p8
McLernon Computers PN5, p7
M.C.S. Ltd. UC90, p9
Mercury Carphones PN11, p11
Merck PN12, p7
Merrill Lynch PN10, p10
Metronic PN5, p6
Metropolitan Police PN3, p9
Micro-Retailer Systems Ltd. PN7, p11
Micron Systems PN6, p7
Microsoft PN8, p2
MIW PN10, p14
Mitchell Energy Corporation PN4, p3
Mommers Print Service BV PN12, p15
Monad International Ltd. PN7, p11 PN10, p18 UC90, p24
Monolith Software GmbH PU90, p99 PU90, p193
Moorgate Technology PN5, p5 PN4, p2
Morris Engineering PN5, p5
Motorola PN13, p7
Mount Portland PN4, p5
Musk Ideas Ltd. UC90, p11 UC90, p20
National Chemical Emergency Centre PN9, p5
National Health Service PN8, p4
National Rivers Authority PN9, p6
National Technology Services Inc. UC90, p29
National Trust PN6, p9
NatWest Bank PN3, p2 PN6, p1 PN7, p7 PN8, p5 PN12, p10
Netvaerk AS PN3, p2
New York City Transit Police Department PN13, p10
New Zealand Ministry of Transport PN2, p3
Nordsjö PN5, p6
North Downs Programming Ltd. PN6, p5
North West Water Board PN3, p3
NTS Inc. UC90, p33
Omega Electronics PN5, p1
Omni Data Systems PN6, p6
On Track Marketing PN9, p14
Organiser Software PN13, p15
Organised Solutions Ltd. UC88, p.vii UC88, p14
Oxford Magnet Technology PN10, p5
Palmers Scaffolding Ltd. PN10, p5
Palmtop Software Ltd. PN13, p15
PB Computer Services PN4, p5 UC90, p30
Peebles Microsystems Ltd. PN4, p5
Phase Separations PN5, p3
Pilotage Software PN10, p18 PN12, p12
Pocketbrain PN6, p5
Polbrit PN7, p9 PN11, p8
Portable Software UC90, p9 UC90, p23 UC90, p28
La Poste PN11, p9
Powamatics Ltd. PN9, p6 UC90, p42
Precision Systems Ltd. PN4, p5
Premier Computer Services PN5, p5 UC88, p14
Prime Garages PN12, p10
Princeton Nurseries PN7, p10
Procis Software Ltd. PN9, p3 PN11, p6/7
Prudential PN11, p7
Psicom S.r.l. PN3, p4 PN10, p6
Psicom Tech PN3, p4 PN8, p9 PN10, p7 PN10, p10
Psion Dacom PN11, p11
Psion GmbH PN4, p1 PN5, p6 PN8, p9 PU90, p14-21 PU90, p23-24 PU90, p41 PU90, p44-45 PU90, p53-54 PU90, p64 PU90, p89 PU90, p102-103 PU90, p105 PU90, p141 PU90, p161-162 PU90, p164 PU90, p167 PU90, p171 PU90, p174 PU90, p198 PU90, p201
Psion Inc. PN1, p4 PN3, p1 PN5, p7 PN6, p1 PN7, p10 PN8, p10
Psion Interest Group PN6, p11
Psion Nederland BV. PN8, p8 PN13, p8
Psion UK plc PN9, p2
Psitronic AB PN2, p2 PN3, p4 PN4, p5 PN5, p6
Quality Technical Services PN7, p11 PN10, p18
Rabone Chesterman PN1, p2 PN3, p9
Radamec PN1, p8
Radiotronica SA PN5, p7
Rathe & Demus PN10, p18 PU90, p100 PU90, p104 PU90, p109 PU90, p121 PU90, p132 PU90, p157-159 PU90, p200
Rechenzentrum des DTSB PU90, p168
Reed Employment PN11, p11
Rentokil PN11, p6
Research Development Associates Ltd. PN4, p3
Riva Systems PN7, p5
Rockomtec Ltd. PN9, p8
Round Two Computer Products PN5, p5 UC88, p14 UC90, p18
Rover Cars PN8, p5
Royal Doulton PN9, p6
Royal Geographical Society PN2, p2
SAS PN8, p9
Schwarzkopf PN13, p8
SES Data Systems, SES Mapping PN1, p3 PN8, p3 PN12, p12 UC90, p44
SET Technologies PN10, p8
Severn Trent Water PN13, p6
Silvertree Engineering Ltd. PN7, p11 UC88, p14
SIS, Survey Instrument Services Ltd. PN3, p4 PN3, p6 PN4, p6 UC88, p.ii UC88, p14 UC90, p10 UC90, p12 UC90, p30
SKAND Computer Services Ltd. PN6, p3
Smiles Traditional Ales PN10, p3
Sock Shop PN9, p4
Softa and Co. PN2, p3 PN3, p2 PN4, p3 PN4, p9 PN5, p3 PN8, p5 UC88, p9 UC90, p34 UC90, p47
Sokkisha UK PN3, p2 PN4, p4
Solar Business Systems Ltd. PN8, p14
Sony PN10, p6
SPD Swan Consultants PN3, p5
Speedboard PN8, p12
Sportec PN9, p14
St. Johns Ambulance Brigade PN4, p8
Stengel Computer Technik PN3, p4 PU90, p22 PU90, p26-27 PU90, p30 PU90, p65 PU90, p78 PU90, p84 PU90, p88 PU90, p90 PU90, p93 PU90, p126 PU90, p134 PU90, p140 PU90, p188
Stirling Microsystems PN8, p14 UC90, p13 UC90, p25
Stralfors System AB PN2, p2
Stubbings Engineers Ltd. PN8, p14
Subtronic PN13, p9
Surveying Technology Ltd. PN9, p14 UC90, p31
Sutton Hoo Research Trust PN3, p3
Swindon Psion Organiser Group PN6, p11 PN7, p12
Swiss Ocean Racing Club PN8, p8
Sysmatic PN7, p8
Symamic Ltd. PN12, p13
Systemanalyse PU90, p142 PU90, p143
Systems Guidance Ltd. PN6, p3 UC90, p15
Systemslink Ltd. PN7, p11 PN12, p12 PN13, p15 UC90, p10 UC90, p25 UC90, p30 UC90, p32 UC90, p36 PU90, p29 PU90, p111 PU90, p129 PU90, p135 PU90, p183
Tabula PN5, p5 UC88, p15 UC90, p29 UC90, p30
TAM Systems PN9, p14
TIS Technische Information Systeme PU90, p37 PU90, p38 PU90, p110
Telecom Data Services PN6, p8
Texas Instruments PN8, p2
TGR PN3, p4
Thames Television PN7, p13
Thames Water PN13, p6
Titan Computers Ltd. UC90, p25
Tobler AG PN6, p6
Trackdown Training Ltd. PN4, p3
Transetjo PN9, p8
Transform Ltd. PN4, p5 PN10, p3 PN10, p15 PN10, p18 PN12, p12 PN13, p14 UC88, p10 UC90, p45
Trigon Trade Ltd. PN7, p9 PN11, p8
UCL Group PN6, p2
Unigate Chilled Distribution PN12, p5
Unimax PN5, p7
United Nations Border Relief Operation PN7, p8
United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation PN4, p7
University Hospital Genoa PN7, p9
University of Leuven, Software Studycentre PN4, p7
Uniwell Systems (UK) Ltd. UC90, p6 UC90, p30
VAR SDS PN13, p9
Vectis Programming PN9, p14 PN12, p13
VG Instrument Group PN2, p3
Victoria and Albert Museum PN11, p12
Viker Data AB PN7, p11 UC90, p33
Vintage Car Club of New Zealand PN12, p14
Virgin Atlantic PN6, p2 UC90, p34
Vision Soft Centre PN12, p6
Volvo PN5, p6
Warok PN9, p7 PU90, p35 PU90, p43 PU90, p71 PU90, p75 PU90, p83 PU90, p106-108 PU90, p112-114 PU90, p131 PU90, p133 PU90, p138 PU90, p163 PU90, p180 PU90, p186-187 PU90, p191
Wartsila PN5, p6
Well Computing PN9, p14
Westpac Life PN3, p3
Widget PN3, p5 PN4, p5 PN6, p5 PN12, p13 PN13, p14 UC88, p.viii UC88, p10 UC90, p10 UC90, p12 UC90, p28 UC90, p43
Will Chapman PN4, p5 UC90, p22
Willow Enterprises Ltd. PN4, p5 UC88, p11 UC90, p18
Windsmoor plc. PN5, p3
Wisconsin Dairy Herd Improvement Association PN11, p10
Works and Development Service Corporation PN9, p7
XEC Computer Products Inc. PN4, p5 PN9, p5 PN12, p12 UC90, p14 UC90, p38
XOB UC90, p11 UC90, p20
Yellow Computing PN8, p14 PN13, p14 PU90, p25 PU90, p42 PU90, p46-48 PU90, p51 PU90, p85 PU90, p96 PU90, p101 PU90, p160 PU90, p175
ZIP Software PN9, p14