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Psion Organiser Series 1:
Datapak Formatter Instruction Leaflet


Using The Psion Formatter

Your Psion Formatter will completely clear the contents of a datapak and leave it ready to be used again. Before exposing you datapak to the formatting process, you must transfer any records you wish to keep into another datapak.

To Format a Datapak
  1. Remove datapak from Organiser.
  2. Peel white adhesive label off datapak to expose the circular window.
  3. With the window facing upwards, fit the datapak into the compartment in the Formatter drawer.
  4. Plug in your Formatter to the mains electrical supply.
  5. Push the drawer fully home to start the formatting process, which is automatically timed.
  6. During formatting the ON indicator glows to show that the high intensity Ultra Violet light is active.
    If the drawer is opened during formatting, the Ultra Violet light is automatically switched off, interrupting the process, and the indicator goes out. Closing the drawer sets the timer for a further thirty minutes.
  7. When the formatting process is complete, the red indicator lamp goes out, and you can remove the datapak from the Formatter.
  8. To check that the formatting was successful, plug the datapak into your Organiser and select 'FIND1:' or 'FIND2:' as appropriate. Press EXECUTE and the message 'NOT FOUND' should appear to show that the datapak contains no records. If 'DATAPAK ERROR' appears instead, repeat the formatting process.
  9. Fit a new datapak label over the window and your datapak is ready to be re-used in your Organiser. (Spare labels are supplied with Organiser, with new datapaks, or can be bought separately.)

Your Formatter can format two datapaks at once.

When not in use, unplug the formatter from the electrical supply and store it in a clean dry place, safe from knocks or vibration.

220-240V a.c. 8 Watts.
Fit 3 Amp Fuse to plug top.